Zoo Györ - Xantus János Állatkert



City: Györ
Country: Hungary
Region: Western Transdanubia region
Opend 1st May 1967 


Species 100


Györ Zoo is a small zoo with aprox 100 species, showing mostly typical zooanimals as well as raretys like the Bush Dog and the Black Crested Gibbon. The zoo was opened in 1962 as a park for the fauna of Hungary

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Györ Zoo was opened in 1962 and showed gameanimals like deers and brown bears, in 1966 the nearby river Moson-Danube did go over it shores and killed most animalsand the remaining where kept at private homes for a periode. On 01. May 1967 the zoo was reopnede at its curent place. Un til 1986 it especially showed hungarian fauna, frome 1976 though with some few exotic species. In 1987 opened the tropical house and since then, the zoo showed especially tropical species. Un til 1996 no changes though happend with the cages and enlosures, and the city was thinking of closing it down, but to give it a last chance, a developmentteam was arrangedand. During the last years the visitornumber tripled. Since 2009 the zoo is driven by Xantus Janos Zoo Nonprofit Public Benefit Limited Liability Company.


Last visited in 2010



Xantus János Állatkert
H - 9027 Györ






Phone number: 06/96/618-367



Opened all year minimum 10 am to 4 pm




  • Adult 4900,- HUF
  • Children 3600,- HUF
  • Family* 12.800,- HUF

* Familiytickets include 2 adults and 2 children ore 1 adult and 3 children


For children there is a playground and a petting-area, and note that the giraffes also often are cureouse, so they sometimes can be petted as well.

Map 2020

After passing the entrance (with no english ore german speaking staff - though only 30 minutes drive frome the Austrian border) turn to the right, where you meet the farm yard, t's neighbours the Bush Dogs and then an pampas. Across we meet some Black Crested gibbons and some south amercan monkeys, as well as the sloth. On the right hand we then have a more ore less enclosureless area (as well as the toilets) - dont know if this area is new, ore just land they dont know what to do with (?), here we meet the bactrian camels, the llamas, fallow deers as well as the ostrich. Now in the "old" part again we are in the african area with hamadryas baboons (sharing there enclosure with Barbary sheeps and the warthog), lions and a savannah. Behinde the giraffe-house we meet a flamingopond and the tropical house, with especially reptiles in it. Outside again we have on the left hand the chimpanzees and on the right hand small foodvendor, behinde that there is a house for aardvarks Out side it again we meet the pygmy hippo and some turtoises. Then we reached a small birdsection, with especially parots. Going right we have the enclosures fore the crowned crane, some lemur species and (if you go upstairs) an enclosure for asian black bears.Downstairs again and passing the coati we meet the last few enclosures, with animals like the roe deer.



DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt verschiedene exotische arten, darunter auch seltenheiten wie das Erdferkel und den Waldhund



DK: Denne lille have, som nærmest kun bliver besøgt af den lokal befolkning, viser især eksotike arter, så som jordsvinet og skovhunden.

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