Parc Zoologique Belvedere

City: Tunis

Contry: Tunisia

Province: Tunis

Opend 1963


Species 161





Tunis Zoo which houses over an area of thirteen acres,  155 species of animals of Africa: flamingos, elephants, lions, monkeys, jackals, asian black bears etc.. Approximately one million visitors visit the zoo each year, that number is growing steadily. The park also includes a cafe in Andalusian style with a terrace and an artificial lake filled with ducks. Nearby attractions are installed for the children, here you also can buy icecream and candy. 

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Last visited 2018

Tunis Zoo
Place Pasteur
BP 267
Le Belvédère
Tunis 1002

Phone number 71 841 540

Opened minimum Tuesday-Sunday 9am - 5 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 4,000 TND
  • Child 6-18 years 1,500  TND

The zoo has a children area and a petting area


In 1963 it was decided to create a Zoological Park for the city of Tunis. The project included 5 Ha.

In 1969, it is a park of 13 Ha which is designed by German architects of the city of Cologne.

In 2017 it was closed for renovation for 6 months

Map 2014 Map 2018
Arriving at The Belvedere park we take a stroll along the lake before entering the zoo. After the the entrance we meet some penclosures for ungalates like fallow deer, sabel antelopes and the addax. In this area we also have the savannah as well as some horses and cows. After the aoudad and wild boar we stand in front of the Arabian camel. Turning right we turn left at the brown bear enclosure. The South american area follows with capybaras and llamas. After we find the pachyderm area with hippos and rhinos. Pasing the guinea pigs we enter the carnivore area with especially cats like tigers and lions, but some canides to like the fennec andthe jackal. They are followed by an area for birds. At last we meet some monkeys.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt insbesonders die lokale Fauna wie die Mendes Antilope, aber auch andere Afrikaner wie Nashorn und Löwe

DK: Denne lille have viser især den lokale fauna som addax antilopen, men også andre afrikanske dyr som næsehorn og løver
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