26th April 1901
Mykolaiv Zoo
(Mykolaiv, Ukraine) Mayor Mykola Leontovych founded his own private animal collection and opened it to the public in Leontovych's house on Admiralska Street (on the site of the current Regional Executive Committee).
Johannesburg Zoo
(Johannesburg, South Africa) The zoo was built 1904. Sir Percy Fitzpatrick would donate the first animals to the zoo, his own small private collection of African wildlife and would continue to source animals for the zoo until 1912. The zoo's first enclosures housed two lions and a leopard.
Zoo Liberec
(Liberec, Czech Republic) The first step towards the establishment of the future zoo was the activity of the then Ornithological Association for Northern Bohemia (Ornithologischer Verein für Nordböhmen). Its members first founded a Geflügelpark (a kind of bird corner) on July 2,  1895 , and later also an aviary in the city park open to the public ( 1904 ). Another extension of this area was the planting of swans on the nearby Lake and the establishment of an enclosure for roe deer in the nearby meadow. The center of the area became a wooden house in the Tyrolean style, called the Sparrow's Nest, brought here by the builder Alfred Hübner from the German-Czech Exhibition of 1907 . Around it, the area gradually grew until it was thought about turning it into a small zoo.
Assiniboine Park Zoo
(Winnipeg, Canada) In 1904, the City of Winnipeg Parks Board purchased some native animals including deer, bison, and elk to start a zoo.
1906 (1865)
(Port Elizabeth, South Africa) Opening its doors 1865 makes it the third oldest museum in South Africa. 1906 some live snakes where added to the collection.
25th January 1906
Yangon Zoo
(Yangon, Myanmar) The zoo was built between 1901-06 and named the Victoria Memorial Park and Zoological Gardens after Queen Victoria of England
Zoo Ústí nad Labem
(Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic) The forerunner of the current zoo was a private bird reserve founded under the name "Lumpepark" by Heinrich Lumpe ( 1859 – 1936 ) , an entrepreneur and ironmonger from Ústí . In 1908 , this renowned amateur ornithologist bought 3.5 hectares of land from the municipality  in the area of ​​the former brickyard on the south-eastern slope of Mariánská skály and founded a bird protection park there. He consulted his plans with experts, such as Jiří Janda , who founded the Prague Zoo in 1930 , naturalist Josef Kořenskýor landscape architect Rudolf Jenatský . Infrastructure (waterworks, roads and bridges, fountains , fencing) was built and trees, shrubs and flowers were planted.
21st March 1909
Kyiv Zoo
(Kyiv, Ukraine) The Kyiv Zoo was founded in 1909 by the Nature Lovers Society and was financed by various private donations. During its first years in business, the zoo experienced some hardships and therefore, did not contain many animals, just 17 different types. During the first winter the zoo was opened, the animals had to be kept in the food storage of the main Kyiv railway station, as the zoo's founders had not found a suitable shelter to keep the animals in during cold weather. Eventually, the shelter was found in the Kyiv Botanical Garden.
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