Akvarij (Aquarium)

City: Piran

Contry: Slovenia

Province: Costal Karst



Opend 1964


Species 140


Meet common octopus, common snapper, sea-bream (dentex, braize), wrasse, ormer, bass, the rare red mullet and many more of the sea animals of costal Slovenia. Of course there are also algae, e.g. Sargasso alga, Poseidon alga and cistosirae. In the special room there is a big floor pool, in which shark, spiny dogfish, grey mullet, bass, roach etc. are swimming. Among others there you can peruse lobster, crabs, eels, tiny sea-urchin andvarious kinds of sponges. 

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Last visited 2016


Aquarium Piran
Kidricevo nabrezje 4
SI-6330 Piran






Phone number .: (0) 5 673 25 72




Open minimum  9am-5pm



  • Adult 7,- Euro
  • Child 4,- Euro
Annual card
  • Adult 25,- Euro
  • Child 20,- Euro

The Aquarium Piran was built in 1964. The aquarists’ association of the Slovenian Coast started with the renovation of the old building near Ribiški trg (the Fishing Square) which used to be the Maritime and Fishing High School and it has a sight of the internal harbour. The Aquarium was fully revived in 1967 when it was taken over by the Secondary Maritime School as a teaching laboratory and fishing workshops, located in the same building.  It consisted of 25 containers with the total volume 12 m3. The Aquarium was working on the simple principle: the water (the volume of 3 m3-cubic metres) was pumped from the sea into the tank installed in the attic.  The water came from the upper tank using gravitation through the water supply system into the tanks below. The surplus of water went back to the sea. It is well known in Slovenia as well as in other countries, because of its diverse and interesting collection of organisms from the local sea. For many years there were two remarkable and hardworking people employed, Mr. Zvonimir Kralj, who took care of the Aquarium so it could work flawlessly and Ms. BolanĨa Ankica, who was the cashier. The aquarium was then open only in the tourist season. In the 90's, time began to wear away the rooms, equipment and other installations. The management of the Aquarium and PTIC had an idea to restore the aquarium to its original state. After years and years of preparations and negotiations, in 2008, the first reconstructions started. On the 12th of October 2009 it reopened.

This small aqurium shows the life of the Istrian coast. You meet moray eels, octopus and many other species.

DE: Dieses kleine Aquarium zeigt die Fauna vor der Küste Istriens wie Muränen und Kraken

DK: Dette lille akvarie viser faunaen ved Istriens kyst så som muræner og blæksprutter
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