City: Ljubljana

Contry: Slovenia

Province: Central Slovenia



Opend 1949


Species 100


Ljubljana zoo is not huge, but is big enough to make a lovely day out. It has a certain charm, being situated within the confines of a forest, which also gives you the chance of a pleasant walk and the combination of local flora and world-wide fauna. With numerous workshops and activities Ljubljana zoo is very welcoming to visitors. You can help out or just watch the feeding of the animals, or lose your fear of spiders, snakes and scorpions by holding them in your hands - under the supervision of a zoo mentor, of course. If you prefer these scary creatures behind bars then join the pigs and sheep instead or simply stroll around and admire them from a safe distance! If you are tired, take a seat and have a coffee or a snack at the zoo bar.



Last visit 2016

 Zoo Ljubljana
Vecna pot 70
1000 Ljubljana




Phone number 01 2442 188

Fax number 01 2442 185


Open minimum 9am - 4pm 



  • Adult 10,- Euro
  • Child 6,50 Euro

Annual Card (By beeing member of the  Freunde des Alpenzoos)

  • Adult 56,- Euro
  • Child 36,- Euro

 For children there are several play grounds

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After paying the entrance fee we are having the squirel monkeys to right, followed by an re with farm animals. To the left are meerkats anf then we see the funny Californian sea lion. Behind it is a waterfowl lake and next to it the cheetah. Across are some other animals frome the savannah like giraffes, ostriches and Chapmann zebras. Going up the hill we meet chimpanzees, brown bears and wolf. The path to the right leads to the lynx. Returning at the black storks we again go up hill to see the Ibex, chamois and different european owls. At the mufflon and vulture we go down hill to see wild boars and lesser pands. In front of us we now have an asian elephant and the big cats. Back to he pandas then turning left we have several aviaries, followed by tortoises. Following the pathe we have red deer and daime on the right as well as an South American pampas and an Australian enclosure at the left. Crossing the bridge now its time to see several water fowl as well as gibbons to the left and lemus to the right. Turning left we see the capybara and other biger rodents, as well as Bactrian camels. Returnig bag to the bridge we now enter a small vivarium with snakes and bird eating spiders just to mention a few. Heading for the exit on our way we see the the lechwe, alpacas and zebus.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt tüpisch Zootiere wie Elefanten und Tiger. Kinder werden sich auf den Bauernhof mit Lipizzanern freuen.

DK: Denne lille have viser typiske zoodyr som en elefant og tigre. Børn vil glæde sig til bondegården med lipizanere
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