Penang Bird Park

Penang Bird Park | The First & the largest bird park of its kind in Malaysia

City: Penang
Country: Malaysia
Province: Penang
Opend 1988


Species 300



The Penang Bird Park is situated at Bandar Seberang Jaya and is built with a garden concept where beautiful landscaping takes priority in creating such a place of tranquility on 2 ha (5-acres). Being the first of its kind in Malaysia, the Penang Bird Park was opened to the public on 8th August 1988. This park is made out of many beautiful aviaries with imitated natural environment, including two huge 'walk-in' aviaries, Geodesic domes, and more than one hundred cages in various sizes which houses more than 300 different species of colourful birds from Malaysia and other parts of the world. The various birds you can find at the park are swans, pelicans, storks, herons, and other playful waterfowls of which roam freely on and around the two natural ponds and the cascading waterfalls. Other birds such as the macaws, parrots, pheasants, hornbills, birds-of-prey, finches, sunbirds, soft-bills, kingfishers and many others, formed part of the vast varieties of birds being kept at the park for exhibition and breeding purposes.

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Last visited 2023

Penang Bird Park
Taman Burung Seberang Jaya
Jalan Todak
Seberang Jaya
Pulau Pinang

Phone number 604-3991899
Fax number  604-399 1898


Open  minimum 9 am - 6 pm



  • Adult  Malay 38,- MYR
  • Child Malay 15,- MYR
  • Adult Foreigner 45,- MYR
  • Child Foreigner 20,- MYR


The zoo has a playground


Being the first of its kind in Malaysia, the Penang Bird Park was opened to the public on 8th August 1988.
Map 2011
After paying the entrance fee we look at differet pheasant aviaries, here we meet the Malayan Peacock Pheasant. Then we are going around a parrot house with different lories. Next is an encloser for milky storks and then flamingos. From afar we hear the noisy cockatos. Then its time to go arouns many aviaries with fiches, doves and softbills. In the 2 round aviaries we find crowned pigeons. Then its time to look at pheasants, they are followed by birds of prey. Around the corner we meet reticulated pythons and mugger crocodyles. Then we have an area with bigger aviaries, here we meet hornbills, greater argus and many more. In this area also are 2 walk in aviaries. Following are southern cassowaries and ostriches. Crossing the japanese style lake we meet pelicans. Next is the largest aviary with herons. At last we get to the bird show area

DE: Der älteste Vogelpark von Malaysien zeigt mehr als 300 Arten, die meisten davon sind im Lande zu finden

DK: Malaysias ældste fuglepark viser mere end 300 forskellige arter. De fleste deraf findes i landet.
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