Zoo Taiping & Night Safari


City: Taiping
Country: Malaysia
Province: Perak
Opend 1961

Species 140


This zoo is both a dayzoo and a night zoo on an area af total 14 ha. Most animals can bee seen during all opening hours - some enclosures show different animals, depending on if you visit day or night. You meet animals like Corbett's tiger, Orangutan, Sambar Deer, Gaur, Malayan Tapir and Asian Elephants

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Last visited 2018

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari
Jalan Taman Tasik Taiping
34000 Taiping
Perak Darul Ridzuan

Phone number 605-8086577

Opened minimum

8.30 am - 6 pm for day animals
8.00-11.00 pm for night animals

Entrance fee for day zoo

  • Adult 17,- MYR
  • Child 3-12 years 8,50 MYR

Entrance fee for night zoo

  • Adult 21,20 MYR
  • Child 3-12 years 10,60 MYR

The zoo has a playground
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After paying the entrance fee we see several aviaries for small birds and tamarins. Following the main path we meet owls, red dholes and some birds. The dholes share there home with binturongs and other animals. On the left hand we then have a large aviary that sometimes can be entered. Here we find flying foxes and larger birds. Behind it is an enclosure for false gharials. Reached the ape enclosures are home for orang utans and chimpanzees. The chimps enclosure is home for servals at night. Across we find slow lories, that are awake at night. In ths area we also find different species of gibbons. The reached the small mammal house home to Indian civet, leopard cats, Asian small clawed otters and stump tailed macaques.In this area there often also are wild long tailed macaques. Acroos we find the esturian crocodyle. Lets then meet the binturong and different types og porcupines. Reached the hoofstock area we see the Sumatran serow, sambar deer and different species of pigs. This area is also home for different owl species. Reached the carnivore area we meet lions, clouded leopards and smoothcoaded otters. On the right we then have a large savannah home to zebras, giraffes and antelopes. Across we find barking deer, sun bears and Bawean deer. At the large aviary for larger birds that can be entered we follow the path to the right, crossing a play ground and meet greater flamingos. Going along the rear side of the savannah we reach the enclosure for Chital and nilgai antelopes.Behind it we find several aviaries for birds. Then tis time to look at the mighty tiger and the black panther. Going along the large  following wallaby enclosure and the a lake with mute swans we reach a small terrarium.  Next we have the white rhino and then the gaur. Following the man path its then time to meet Malayan tapirs and the hippopotamus. Now keeping to the right we have Asian elephants. The last enclosure is for blue and yellow macaws.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt insbesonders die einheimische Fauna mit Gaur, Bärenmakak und Elefanten. Er funktioniert wie en normaler zoo, öffnet aber wieder in den frühen dunklen Stunden

DK: Denne lille have viser især Malaysiens fauna, som gaur, bjørnemakak og elefanter. Den fungerer som en almen zoo, men genåbner de første mørke timer.
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