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City: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Province: Federal Territory
Opend 2005 

Species 250

The Aquaria featurs 60,000 sq ft (6,000 m²) in two levels with a 90-metre long underwater tunnel. Beside fishes like sharks, rays, piranhas and electrical eels, you see turtels, octopuses, coatimundi, otters and nutrias

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Last visit 2023



Aquaria KLCC Aquarium
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Kuala Lumpur



Phone number 2333 1888
Fax-number 2380 0069



Construction for Aquaria KLCC started in 2003. It was officially opened in August 2005.


Opened 10am - 8 pm




  • Adult MyKad 52,- MYR
  • Child MyKad 42,- MYR
  • Adult international: 75,- MYR
  • Child international: 65,- MYR
Map 2011 Map 2015
After paying the entrance fee we enter the evolution zone with Piranhas and lungfish. Going up the stream meeting raccoons and the Asian small-clawed otter. Going down the ocean we meet the shipwreck with dragon fish, arapaima and stonefish. Heading to the coast with archer fish. Lets then look at the living ocean with sharks, rays and moray eels. At last station aquarius looking like a labatory with clown fish, sea horses and pinecone fish

DE: Kuala Lumpurs grösstes Aquarium zeigt insbesonders tropische Fische, aber auch Kurzkrallenotter und Waschbären

DK: Kuala Lumpurs største akvarium viser især tropiske fisk. Men også Asiatiske dværgodder og vaskebjørne
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