Bangkok Pata Zoo Co. Ltd

City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand

Opend 1984



Species 200



Near the river in the Patta shopping mall one finds exotic animals at the 6th and the top-floor! This “zoo” is showing reptiles etc. at the 6th floor and….. a Gorilla, Orang utans and a chimpanzee as well other species of monkeys, birds and smaller mammals on the roof.

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Last visited 2018

Pata Zoo Co. Ltd.
630/253 Somdej Prapinklao Road
Noi District
10700 Bangkok

Phone number 02-4230568

Opened minimum 10am - 6 pm

Entrance fee (includes a soft drink)

  • Adult 200,- THB
  • Child 3-11 years 120,- THB


For kids there is a petting area

Map 2018 6th floor Map 2018 7th floor
After paying the entrance fee on the 5th floor we climb the stairs up to the 6th floor. Turning right we have several small enclosures for lizards. Going inside and turning right we see several species of turtles and across some amphibian species. Then standing in front of the largest terrarium with reticulated pythons. Going down the floor now we meet several terrariums with pythons others are home to venemouse snakes as the monocled cobra. Here we also find a noctural section home to linsangs among others. Out again we look at small terrariums and a theater. Here we also have a cafe where you can get a free soft drink. Heading back to the stairs we climb up to the 7th floor. Entering this floor we see aviaries in two rowes. Here we find birds like cockatoos and hornbills. On the right side we then have an enclosure for sheep and behind it flamingos. Now entering the monkey section we meet gibbons, macaques and the great apes - like a TV watching gorilla. The its time to look at rodents like giant squirrels. The last section is the old carnivore section, here we meet bintourongs and golden jackal. But alsp pheasants.

DE: Dieser Zoo bekommt viel kritick und verteilt sich auf zwei Stockwerken im Pata Einkaufshausm. Er zeigt Tiere wie Gorilla, Binturong und Linsangs

DK: Denne zoo får en del kritik og fordeler sig over to etager i stormagasinet Pata. Her vises der blandt andet en gorilla, binturonger og linsanger
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