Siam Ocean World

City: Bangkok

Country: Thailand
Opend 9th December 2005


Species 400


Inside Siam Paragon is "Siam Ocean World", the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia which features marine animals including penguins, gray nurse sharks, rays, giant spider crabs, and giant groupers.

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Siam Ocean World
Siam Paragon
991 Rama I Road
Bangkok 10110

Phone number 02687 2000

Opened minimum 10am - 9 pm

Entrance fee for Thai

  • Adult 590,- THB
  • Child 3-11 years 450,- THB

Entrance fee for Tourists

  • Adult 1090,- THB
  • Child 3-11 years 890,- THB

Annual cards (valid for 12 months) only for Thai
  • Adult 2500,- THB
  • Child 3-11 years 2000,- THB


For kids there is a petting area

Map 2011 floor 1 Map 2011 floor 2 Map 2015
After heading down the escalotor and  paying the entrance fee we start with the rocky hideout followed by some glimps on shark. Going along the ocean bottom we see a coral reef with clown fish and a little later sea horses. Back on ground we go through a tropical rainforest and reach another rocky area. At this shore we meet our first penguins, Humbold penguins. Going back down in to the ocean we look at the wide space and its spectaclare species. Home to sea turtles, sharks and a shipwreck. In this area we also find jelly fish. They are followed by antarctic penguins, the Gentoo penguins.

DE: Dieses aquarium zeigt neben den gewöhnlichen Seetieren wie Haie und Seeschildkröten auch mehrere Arten von Pinguinen

DK: Dette akvarium viser ved siden af de almendelig skabninger fra havet som hajer og havskildpadder også pingviner
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