Nagyerdei Kulturpark

City: Debrecen
Country: Hungary
Region: Northern Great Plain
Opend 1958

Species 170

Today, visitors can see side by side the old animal cages and menageries built in the past few decades and the new "natural habitat" exhibits of a dynamically transforming wildlife park. The white-handed gibbons are unique even among the special treasures. Jerry and Lenochka were the first in Hungary to start a family that has been steadily growing ever since. The daughter of hippopotamuses Linda and Sigfried, became an alpha female in Disneyland near San Diego, Ca. The black-head spider-monkeys, the two-toed sloths, and the reticulated giraffes are the all-time favorites of visitors. As regards the birds, this is the only location in the whole of Hungary where you can see saddle-billed storks, Australian magpies, and golden eagles.

Vis stort kort
Last visit 2013

Debrecen Allatkert
Pf. 181
4001 Debrecen


Phone nr 0630-450-48-78

Open minimum 9am-4pm, the fun fair has open may-september



Entrance fee

  • Adult 4300 HUF
  • Child 3200 HUF
  • Family* 7500 HUF
  • Familly** 11.600 HUF
*Family tickets are valid for 1 adults and one child, each aditional child costs 1600 HUF
**Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and one child, each aditional child costs 1600 HUF

There are several daily feeding shows, for the time please ask at the till station.

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After paying the entrance fee  we turn right  and meet the kapucin and then the penguins. Following are the hippos, they share theire house with gibbons. Across we find an enclosure for hungarian farm animals like donkeys, sheep and shetland ponys. Then we look at china leopards and an walk through aviary for African birds like the saddel stork. Behind it we se som aviaries for parrots and a duck pond. A bit longer on the path we find white storks. Returning to the penguins we first look at giraffes and emus. Behind the penguins is a monkey house, here you find golden-bellied  mangabeys and black spider monkeys among others. Next are peacocks. At the aviary for doves we turn right to see kangaroos, casowaries and African birds like the lesser flamingo. Turning back to the doves and then right we first meet he Hungarian grey cattle. At the lions we turn left to se the tiger. Back to the lions its time to look at the rodents house with several species of squirrels. After wards we meet the ruffed lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs. The next enclosure is for Himalayan black bears. At the collard peccary the Soth American area begins with tapirs and llamas. Following is the African with barbary sheep and the African savannah, home to zebras, ostriches and antelopes. Then passing an area with house we see the Palm house and enter it. Here we find different species of reptiles, like the Nile crocodile. At the "Haunted mansion" we turn right and reach the tropical house, home for several tamarin species and the sloth. Out side agai we see Central American Coaties and after a while Bactrian camels. Behind them is an enclosure for fallow deer and once again the barbary sheep. Heading for the main entrance again passing the savannah we meet some ducks and at last som birds of prey like the peregrine falcon

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo ist ein mix aus Zoo und Vergnügungspark, die Karusselle sind eher für kleine Kinder als Teenagers. Der Zoo zeigt gewöhnliche Tiere wie Giraffen und Löwen, hat ein gutes Terrarium und Ungarische Haustiere

DK: Denne lille have er en blanding af zoo og tivoli, karusselerne er dog beregnet til børn og ikke teenagere. Af dyr vises almene dyr som giraffer og løver, den har ligeledes et godt terrarie og viser ungariske husdyr
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