Pecs Allatkert

City: Pecs
Country: Hungary
Region: Baranya

Opend 1960

Species 300

This small zoo shows regular animals like cougar, vervet monkeys and harbour seals

Last visit 2022

Zoo adress:

Pecsi Allatkert
Angyan Janos u.
7635 Pecs

Phone nr 072-532-151

Open minimum 9am-5pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 3500 HUF
  • Child 2300 HUF
  • Family* 6300 HUF
  • Family* 7400 HUF

*Family tickets are valid for 1 adults and 2 children, each additional child costs 1300 HUF

**Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and 1 children, each additional child costs 1300 HUF


Annual card

  • Adult 14.000 HUF
  • Child 9000 HUF
  • Family* 25.000 HUF
  • Family** 29.000 HUF

*Family tickets are valid for 1 adults and 2 children, each additional child costs 5500 HUF

**Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and 1 child, each additional child costs 5500 HUF

There are several daily feeding shows, for the time please ask at the till station.


The zoo was built in 1959-1961, with labour contributed by high school and university students, as well as other labourers of various types through the socialist voluntary labour scheme. (It took altogether 45,367 labour hours according to the memorial plaque near the entrance. The construction started in April 1959, and had been finished in 1961, although the zoo phase had been opened on 19 August 1960.) The location was chosen to locate the zoo within the natural surroundings of the Mecsek hills, outside the urban landscape. Originally, there were a tiny terrarium and aquarium, and also cougars, lions, tigers, leopard, black panther, Eurasian lynx, bears, and wolves as well. Later, the aquarium and the terrarium moved to the city, and because of the tiny cages, many animals had to be moved to other zoos (in the early 2000s the lions' cages have been renovated, and the lynxes stayed only). Besides the obsolete circumstances, the zoo endangered the water system for the city, so in the 2000s, there were a number of plans to move  to ÁrpádtetÅ‘ (near MecsExtrém Park) or Kökény (as a Safari Park), but for financial reasons the move never happened. The zoo had always a licence from one year to the next, and the closure was also a plan. Finally, reconstruction started in May 2014 (which costs 1.2 billion forint); since then the zoo had been closed until sping 2016. After the reconstruction, the zoo became larger, the aquarium-terrarium also moved here, and new, larger animals can have home here. The zoo re-opened finally on 20 May 2016.

Map 2019
After paying the entrance fee we have a door on the right hand to the aquariun, home to fish and reptiles. Annexed we find an enclosure for chimpanzees. Across we find seals.Following the chimpanzee enclosure we meet different rodents before we se a savannah. Next to it we finde the Bison. Behind them are bactrian camels, pecaries and kangaroos. At the hippos we turn right and have entered the monkey area with among others colobus monkeys. Next to it we find the hungarian faune with lynx, bear and badger to mention a few. Across we find the big cats house with lions and tigers. Folloving the sounds of parots we meet ruffed lemurs. At the lesser pand we turn left to look at the pampas with llamas. Then we follow the path right and then right again to meet crocodiles. The last animals are the cougars and leopards

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt seltenheiten wie den Persischen Leopard, Guereza affen und Flusspferde. Er hat ein Aquarium

DK: Denne have viser sjældenheder som persiske leoparder, colobusaber og flodheste. Den har et akvarium
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