Nyíregyháza Allatpark - Sósto Zoo


City: Sosto
Country: Hungary
State: Northern Great Plain

Opend 1974

Species 500

In the 35 hectare area, the so-called „continents” welcome the visitors as if they could walk around the world and observe how the animals live in the different parts of the world. Sosto Zoo is home for the country’s widest variety of bears, thick-skinned animals, and big cats. It is also the only place in Hungary where both African and Asian elephants, along with rhinoceros from both Africa and Asia can be seen.

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Last visit 2013



Nyíregyházi Állatpark
Sostoi ut
4431 Sostofürdö



Telefon nr.: 020-297-68-62


 Minimum Open 9am-4pm 



  • Adult  6500,- HUF
  • Cild (under 14 YO) 4200,- HUF
  • Familly* 15.300,- HUF

* Familly cards are vallid for 2 adults and 1 child, each additional child (up to 3) costs 3000,- HUF

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After paying the entrance fee we turn left to enter the polar area where we first meet the Caifornian sea life and the the polar bears. Behind them are seals and reindeers. Now standing in front of the green pyramid, to the right are orangutans sharing theire enclosure with the siamang and inside beside stabels for Asian elephants we find reptiles and fish.  A highlight are the Komodo dragons and of course the sharks, els you especially meet fish from the warm waters and coral reefs. Outside we go to the right to meet  Bactrian camels. At the Indian rhinoceros we turn to the left to see a pheasantry. Going on the bridge we first meet the ostrich and then the gorillas.  Next is a savannah with giraffes, addax antelopes and Grevy's zebra.  At the end of the bridge are the cheetahs to the right. Following the road then to the left we se flamingos and after a while the mighty lions. Again following the road to the left we se the pygmy hippos. They are followed by hamadryas baboons. A second savannah is home to zebras and white rhinoceros. Following are some ungulates like the ankole-watussi  and the eland antelope.  Turning right at the spectacled bears we are having some enclosures for Hungarian farm animals. At the African elephant we turn left and at the next oportunity left once more. Then entering the carpathian area we meet the lynx, wisents, moose and lynx. Maybe on theire way of the track are the vicugna also found here. Almost outside this area we then se the Amur tigers. Then passing the wolves and the bison, we meet the snow leopard. Then turning right we are going to the South American house, but just befor are som aviaries. Inside the house we see cotton-top tamarins, reptiles like Cuban crocodiles and fish like the piranhas. . Outside we now have the feline area to the left, here we meet white tigers and leopards. Turning left then we see alpacas. At the the next possibility we then turn left to meet llamas and South American tapirs on a pampas and across them the Asian elephants once more. Turning right and heading for the exit, we see jaguars, sun bears and Lar gibbons

DE: Dieser Zoo ist der grösste von Ungarn ausserhalb von Budapest und hat ein interessantes Aquarium. Er ist einer der wenige auf der Welt der Zuchtgruppen von 2 Elefantenarten hat, aber auch interessante Tiere wie Komodowarane, Panzernashörner und Gorillas werden gezeigt.

DK: Denne have er ungarns største udenfor Budapest og har et interessant akvarie. Det er en af de få haver der har to elefantarter som avlsgrupper på verdenspaln, men der bliver også vist interessante arter som komodovaraner, pansernæsehorn og gorillaer
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