City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
Region: Southern Great Plain

Open 28.05.1989

Species 191

Visitors can meet such curiosities as the wolverine, L’Hoest’s monkey, fossa, Alaotran gentle lemur, bat eared fox, North Chinese leopard, lowland anoa, Chinese water deer, silvery marmoset, red-cheeked gibbon, giant anteater and maned wolf. Of course no such usual zoo favourites can be omitted as the lion, slender-tailed meerkat, Bactrian camel and Siberian tiger. We present the animals according to the geographical range of their species, our South American, African and European areas are especially significant. The animals live in modern, natural and spacious exhibits, most of them can also be seen during the winter when they are in their houses.

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Last visit 2022



Szeged Vadaspark
Cserepes sor 47
H - 6725 Szeged


Telefon nr.: 06 62 542 530
Fax nr.: 06 62 445 299



Minimum Open 9am-4pm 



  • Adult 4800,- HUF
  • Child (under 14) 3200,- HUF
  • Familly* 11.600,- HUF

* Familly in this Zoo are 2 adults and 1 child, each aditional child costs 2000,- HUF

Annual Card

  • Adult 19200,- HUF
  • Child 13100,- HUF

Kids will love the petting zoo


In 1985 the first animals (Roe deer and Wild boar) On 5th december 1985 was the desecion for a zoo made as a part of a amusement park, showing animals from Hungary. This park openes its gates in 1989. Since more and more foreign animals has arrived. Since it has become a part of EEP (international breeding programs) and ESB (international studbooks) as well as a conversation centre for the local nature.

Development chronology:

2000 – Parrot House and aviaries, Japanese Macaque Enclosure
2002 – Snow leopard and lynx enclosures
2003 – Renovation of the old monkey house, forest dog enclosure
2004 – Asian House (gibbon, lion-tailed macaque)
2005 – South America house (tapir, spider monkey, howler monkey, capybara)
2006 – Lion House, Nature Conservation Rescue Center and Quarantine House, Nature Conservation Education Center, Madagascar House
2007 – Jaguar House and enclosure, Terrarium House renovation
2008 – new main entrance, Africa House (cheetah), snub-nosed crocodile, birds), wolverine enclosure
2009 – enclosure of Siberian tiger and Chinese leopard
2010 – Wolf, otter, golden jackal enclosure and bird enclosure, anteater and spider monkey
2011 – Savannah, The Giraffe House and enclosures
2012 – Penguin presentation, renovation of Asia House with new enclosures (clouded leopards, binturong), small panda enclosure
2015 - Brown bear enclosure
2016 - Prarie dog enclosure
2018 - Elephant house and enclosure
2020 - Rhinoceros house and enclosure

Map 2013 Map 2015 Map 2018 Map 2022
After paying the entrance fee following the road we meet African penguins, dwarf crocodiles and the cheetah. On the right we then have the wolverine and the lesser panda, before we look at the giraffe. At the Bactrian camels we turn right and meet the lowland anoa, snow leopards, chinese leopard and Amur tigers. Next to the giraffes lions, turning to the left at the meerkat  we se dlemurs, pygmy hippos and ostriches, as well as the fossa. Returning to the main road we meet the gelada. Now we have reached the Australian area with wallaby, emu and the southerncassowary. Next to them we find Japanese macaques and Chinese water deer At the farm animals we follow th path to the left, to se European animals, like th golden eagle, waders, white tailed eagle and short-toed snake eagle. Going the same way back we meet wolf, eagle owls and the Carpathian lynx. On the other side of the pelican lake is a small reptile house and in front of it seals. On the left we have the white stork and to the right gibbon islands. Opposite is a house for Tamarins and other monkeys from South America. Following the path to the right  we see cougars, giant ant eaters, macaws, jaguar, coaty, llama, rhea, alpaka, South American Tapir and maned wolves

DE: Dieser Zoo zeigt seltenheiten wie Anoas, Dscheldas und Fossas. Er hat auch ein kleines Terrarium und ein kleines tropisches Haus für Tamarine und andere Südamerikanische Affen

DK: Denne lille have viser sjældenheder som anoa, gelada og fossa. Den har også et lille terrarie og et lille tropehus for tamariner og andre sydamerikanske aber
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