Mena Zoopark

City: Mena
Country: Ukraine
Province: Chernihiv Oblast
Opend 1977


Species 112


The only district-level zoo in Ukraine and the former USSR, this Zoo is home to animals like the large majestic cats and a phlegmatic bison, smart antelopes and a wise camel, sly monkeys and lazy turtles, plus many more zoological attractions! Grant yourselves and your children the opportunity to experience the full variety of the natural world

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Last visit 2021

Mena Zoopark
Ovtneva street 32

Phone nr 04644 10.02.52

Open minimum:  8am-5pm



Entrance fee


  • Adult 80,- UAH
  • Child 50,- UAH

Kids will love to feed some of the animals and pet some animals at the petting zoo


The zoo was in 1977 local nature lovers with the aim of environmental education and training, the use of their gene pool, the study of wild fauna and the scientific basis for captive breeding. The initiator of the creation was the Menchanin militia sergeant Gennady Polosmak. The collection is based on his animals (parrots, canaries, rabbits) and seized braker animals (wolves, foxes, roe deer). In 1975, on the site taken from the district council, the creation of the zoo began. The Mena Zoo was granted the status of a zoological park of national importance by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR dated July 22, 1983, No. 311. Due to the economic situation in the 1990s, the zoo management had to sell part of the collection. 
After paying the entrance fee we have a smll house on the left, we climb the stairs downwards and meet fish and reptiles- Behind it we find the cats house with lions, tigers and cougars. In front of us we have the main path of the zoo. To the left are pelicans, bisons and ostriches. The small path to the left leads us to the nilgai antilopes. Back to the main road we meet donkeys, at the end of it is a house. In front of the hoose are alpacas and flamingos. Inside we find different species of parrots. Across of it enclosures for water buffalo and yak. Going back on the main path we have a huge enclosure for goats, next to it the kulan. The following the monkey house with vervet monkeys, baboons and lemurs. Behind it we find the paddock for broen bears, accross it even more bears. At the rear end we have several aviaries for birds

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt unter anderem Tiger, Grüne Meerkatzen und Nilgauantilopen. Er hat auch ein aquarium

DK: Denne lille have viser bl.a. tigre, rønne marekatte og nilghaiantilopr. Den har også et lille akvarium
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