Burgers Bush


City: Arnhem
Country: Netherlands
Province: Gelderland
Opend 31.03.1913



Species 400



This place is unique in europe, course it's not just another show of animals, but theire habitats as well. You meet a huge rainfrest-hall, an enormous dessert-dome, as well as an fantastic aquarium and even an house just fore the mangroves. So if you want to be the person in the cage - and a lot of animals around you, this is your future zoo

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Last visited 2017


Burgers' Zoo
Antoon van Hooffplein 1
6816 SH Arnhem
The Netherlands 


Phone number 026 442 45 34
E-mail info@burgerszoo.nl



Opened minimum 9am - 5 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 24,- Euros
  • Child 3-9 years 21,50 Euros
Annual cards (Abonnementen)
  • Adult 59,50 Euro
  • Child 3-17 years 55,50 Euro

For kids there is a petting area and several playgrounds

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After paying the entrance fee we first see the penguins turning right to look at the Asian elephants. The nexy complex is home for pygmy hippos, tapirs and monkeys. Across we find meer kats, bongos and the rarely shown ringed seal. Then entering Rimba we meet tigers, gibbons, deer and sun bears. Following the the reindeer enclosure and turn left we stop at the flamingo enclosure. Entering europes onle mangrove house we se different birds as well as the mud skippers. Then its time to look at a big bird section with rihnoceros birds, crowned pigeons and a lot of other creatures. Lets the follow the chimpanzee and gorilla enclosures. Then its time to the big Safari section with cheetahs, lions and a huge savannah. Here you meet giraffes, rhinos and everal antelope species. Entering the Bush we have a giant rain forest with aardvarks, sea cows just to mention a few. In this house we also have the ocean, a big aquarium with sharks and tropical fish. The last house is the Desert with vulture and big horn sheep just to mention a few.

DE: Dieser Zoo in der nähe der deutschen Grenze ist einer der grössten der Niederlande und einer der modernsten. Er hat hat riesige tropenhäuser wie die Mangrovenhalle (Einzigartig in Europa), den Busch und die Wüste. Selten gezeigt werden ua Brillenlanguren und ringelrobben

DK: Denne zoo er en af de største i Nederlandene og en af de mest moderne. Man finder kæmpe tropehuse som Europas eneste mangrovehus, regnskovshuset og ørkenhuset (det største i Europa). Sjælden vist er bla brilleaberne og ringsælerne 
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