Zee Aquarium


City: Bergen an Zee
Country: Netherlands
Province: North Holland
Opend 1956



Species 367



In the Sea Aquarium are more than 300 different species of fish to be seen. Be guided thematically by the Amazon Jungle along the piranhas and horror reptiles, over the Atlantic, tropical waters and Mediterranean to the North Sea and discover the most amazing fish and exciting sea animals! Marvel at the seahorses, starfish and clown fish, pet a stingray at Rayreef and stand face to face with huge sharks, moray eels and poisonous lionfish


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Last visit 2017

Sea Aquarium Bergen aan Zee
Van der Wijckplein 16
1865 AP Bergen aan Zee


Phone nr 072 581 29 28

Open minimum 11 am - 5 pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 14,75 €
  • Child 10,25 €

Annual card (Membership)

  • Adult 40,- €
  • Child 27,50 €

Children will love the touch pool



The idea to start an aquarium began in 1954. It was eventually built on the site of the former Hotel Nassau which was destroyed in World War II. In 1956, the Sea Aquarium Bergen aan Zee was officially opened. In the late 1960s the Neptune restaurant was built on thr top.

At the end of the 1980s the entrance was moved  and in the 1990s
an geographical regrouping was made. Another large restaration took place in 2016 where an external seal pool was added.
Map 2011 Map 2015
After paying the entrance fee we walk above the piranha pool to get to an area with terraria. Here you meet tarantulas and poison dart frogs among others. Passing the multi media room we first see a large tank for mediterranean fish. The stairs down to the left makes us go down to 3 large aquaria, here we find first a coral reef, then smaller species of sharks before we end at the North Sea. At the tou pool we follow to the right to meet fish from the tropical sea like the moray eels, clown fish and the lion fish. At the rear end is a large pool showing the life of the lagoon. Then we once again meet creatures of the North Sea. Going out side we the meet the harbor seals.

DE: Dieses Aquarium zeigt insbesondere Fische aus der Nordsee und den tropischen Weltmeeren. Es hat aber auch eine kleine Abteilung mit Terrarien und Seehunde

DK: Dette akvarie viser især fisk fra nordsøen og de tropiske hav. Ligeledes er der en lille afdeling med terrarier og spættet sæler
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