Podkrušnohorský Zoopark


City: Chomutov
Country: Czech Republic
Province: Usti nad Labem
Opend 1975


Species 160

 Animals from the pale-Arctic areas, especially from the European part. It is focused on primitive strains of domestic animals.  The ZOO was the first in the Czech Republic, which succeeded in nursing brood of white pelicans. Among main breeding activities is breeding of golden-eyes and barn owls. The ZOO has a significant merit in preservation of the genetic resources of golden-eyes by their re-introduction into Czech nature. It participates in 8 European breeding programs of the EEP. The most significant species: Golden-eyes, rock ibis, peregrine flacon, black stork, sea eagle, seal, wolverine and other species.

Vis stort kort
Last visited 2012

Zoopark Chomutov, 
Přemyslova 259
430 01 Chomutov
Czech Republic

Phone number 474 629 917
Fax number 474 624 412

Open : minimum 9am-4pm

Entrace fee:

  • Adult 120,- CZK
  • Child 60,- CZK

Annual card

  • Adult 700,- CZK
  • Child 500,- CZK
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After paying the entrance fee all ready inside the house there are a few terrariums.  Outside in the garden we are having wolfes on the left hand and come to a crossing. From here we can take the safari express that takes us to the old farm with farmanimals and to the Eurosafari with Mouflons among others (this area is only accessible by the train. Them turning left we first look at the ibex and red fox.  Going a bit back and the going down to the right we meet the takin and after that the deer.  Following the road on the right habd there is the  ´childrens zoo with goats, here we also find a small vivarium. Going back to the main path and climbing a mountain we meet the barbary macaque and the lynx. Here we turn right and see some deer as well as the musc ox. We then follow the wisent enclosure to a big lake with ducks, here we turn right As soon as possible we then turn right again and se flamingos, donkeys and seals. Staying on this path it will lead us to the beaver and the brown bear. Then turning left we have som enclosures arround a lake, following this area around in a loop we see on the right bactrian camels, water buffalos and the rebreed of the extinct tarpan. Adjanced are enclosured for reindeer and the moos. Keeping on this trail we go towards the exit just to look at the wolverine. Just short befor the exit we are having some aviarys for prey, like stellers sea eagle.

DE: Dieser rein areal mässig riesiger Zoo hat sich auf Europäische Tiere spazialisiert vom Vielfrass bis zum grossen Elch, einige exoten gibt aber auch hier wie das Takin und den Berberaffen

DK:  Denne rent arealmæssig kæmpe have har specialiseret sig på europæiske dyr lige fra jærven til delgen, enkelte eksotiske findes der dog også, som takinen og berberaben.
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