Ocenarium "Planet Neptun"


City: Saint Petersburg

Country: Russia

Federal District: Northwestern Federal District
Opened 26.04.2006



Species 350



Want to look at shark in the eye? See poisoness fish like the lion fish? Ore what a living stone is? Then this is the place. It also has cute grey seals

Last visit 2013

Oceanarium Planet Neptun
Dom 86
Ul Marata
191119 Saint Petersburg


Phone nr  (812) 448-00-77

Open minimum 10am-8pm, closed 1st january and the last monday of each month

  • Adult 800 Rubler
  • Child 600 Rubler
Map 2012 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee you meet fish from the Baltic sea like the Sturgoen, pike and trout. Following are tropical fresh water fish like the neon, cichlides, piranha and discus. Going down some stairs we have a large tube full of fish. Follow this down to the tropical fish from the reef befor you meet som giant rays. Then we enter the bottom of the sea to see sharks and tropical fish swim above our head. After wards are some more aquarium for reef fish on till we enter some rooms with stuffed polar bears as well as living grey seals.

DE: Dieses interessante Aquarium zeigt insbesonders tropische Fische, hat ein grosses Haiaquarium und Kegelrobben

DK: Dette interessante akvarie viser især tropiske fisk, det her et stort hajakvarie og gråsæler
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