Dudley Zoo

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City: Dudley
Country: United Kingdom
Region: West Midland England
Opened 1937



Species 163



A ticket to Dudley Zoo grants the visitor access to a host of naturalistic enclosures, pens and aviaries, containing such star turns as Lion, Tigers and Snow Leopards in the big gat zone; Red Pandas and Bush Dogs out on the plain; the ever-playful Chimpanzees, with their climbing antics and feeding time performances for their guests; the venerable Orang Utans in their leafy trtee domain; and a plethora of Small Monkeys including many types of Lemur, the noisy Macaques, Spider Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Saki, Marmosets and Goeldis. For monkeying about on a family day out, it’s just the ticket!  Other areas of the renowned conservation and breeding centre of Dudley Zoo feature Giraffes; the show-off Sealions who engage the crowds at their daily feeds in their pool and splash zone; captivating and cuddly Otters and Snowy Owls; the pantomime of over 60 skittering and shuffling Penguins; and the ever-watchful and chirpy Meerkats.  The family attraction additionally boasts a range of native and exotic animal species kept in enclosures, tanks and in the Zoo’s own farmyard. These include Alpacas, Reindeers, Goats, Pigs, Sheep, a variety of slithering Snakes, dwarf Crocodiles, numerous Lizards, Tapirs, Porcupines, Gazelle, Oryx, Babirusa, Squirrels, Wallabies, squawking Parrots, a good number of Frogs, a hatful of Spiders of all shapes and sizes, Flamingos, Cockroaches, Terrapins, Chinchillas and BooBook owls. Furthermore, Dudley Zoo holds regular talks on themes such as Tiger Tales - at the Tigers; African Adventure - at the Giraffe Paddock; Mammal Creature Feature and Reptile Encounters - both in the Discovery Centre; Watch the Keepers - feeding the Red Pandas; and Meet the Animals - on the Farm. The latest addition to Dudley Zoo that adds another dimension to the family attraction is ‘Monkey Tails’, which is an immersive tropical walk-through, where ticket holders can encounter the monkeys and their neighbours, dwarf mongoose, otters and monitor lizards, basking in their own dedicated zone.  


Service given


Open : minimum 10am-4pm (Closed 25th december)

Entrace fee: Yes

For kids: Playgrounds and pettingarea

Food: The Zoo has a place where you can get a snack


Taking photos: Is allowed, if publiciesed, please mention the zoo on your homepage







Phone number 0844 474 2272
Fax number 01384 456 048
Address: Dudley Zoological Gardens, 2 The Broadway, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 4QB, United Kingdom
E-mail: admin@dudleyzoo.org.uk
Website: www.dudleyzoo.org.uk






Where to finde the Park:

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I don't have any guides of this zoo.Does any body know if they made any guides? And where I can get those?

In the years 1962, 1987 and 2012 they had theire anniversarrys. Have they made any books on this occassion?
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