Le Jardin aux Oiseaux

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City: Upie

Country: France

Region: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Opened 1976


Species 215


The creation of the Garden Bird is the fruit of the passion of a man. Thirty years ago, Bernard Liauzou created its own zoo and botanic garden after working in the biggest French zoos. Buying a small farm surrounded by wasteland, he has made today a shaded and hilly acres where more than 1,000 animals freely roam. A stroll through the aisles lined with lush vegetation species can be observed ostriches, flamingos, parrots, scarlet ibis and storks in their natural environment. This educational tour is instructive on the bird life and stresses the need for conservation and breeding of rare and endangered species. The park is so well adapted to birds that even the heron in the region settled there.

Service given


Open : minimum 1.30-5pm

Entrace fee: Yes

For kids: Playgrounds and pettingarea

Food: The bird park has a place where you can get a snack


Taking photos: Is allowed, if publiciesed, please mention the bird park on your homepage







Phone number 04 75 84 18 71
Fax number 04 75 57 36 48
Address: Le Jardin Aux Oiseaux, zoo ornithologique, Route de Montoison, 26120 Upie, France
E-mail: contact@jardin-aux-oiseaux.com
Website: www.jardin-aux-oiseaux.com





Where to finde the Park:

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I don't have any guides of this bird park. Does any body know if they made any guides? And where I can get those? 


In the year 2001 they had theire 25th anniversarry. Have they made any books on this occassion?

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