Paris Aquarium

City: Paris

Country: France

Region: Ile de France

Opend 1878


Specieses 500


The Aquarium of Paris, Cinéaqua, much more than an aquarium! In the Trocadéro gardens, in the heart of Paris, escape and enjoy a relaxing experience … On a 3,500 m² trail, discover 43 tanks, over 10,000 fish and invertebrates, 25 sharks, a touch pool, 2 cinema auditoriums and interactive activities for a magical family day out! Included in this is a collection of regularly updated workshops, shows and fun and educational films. The programme is available on At the end of your visit, enjoy a calm and gourmet experience in the traditional Japanese restaurant Ozu, with a view of an aquarium filled with 600,000 litres of water!

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Last visited 2014


Aquarium de Paris
5 Avenue Albert de Mun
75016 Paris


Phone number .: 01 40 69 23 23




Open  minimum 10am-7pm, closed 14th July 



  • Adult 24,50 Euro
  • Child up to 17,- Euro
Anual pass
  • Adult 59,- Euro
  • Child up to 46,- Euro

You are welcome to take photos, just remember to mention the aquarium on your page
The site, a underground, consists of old quarries, which served to house some of the cavalry of the Emperor Napoleon. The mixture of straw and manure produced by tenants in a wetland proved very favorable for the cultivation of mushroom here in the heart of Paris. Paris Aquarium was conceived in 1867 and housed in disused quarries according to the project of architect Combaz, near Paris Universal Exhibition, fairly common at the time of its construction, and during which it served as an attraction . The garden was designed by Jean-Charles Alphand. The original aquarium was built partly open, partly built underground imitating a cave. It was transformed and modernized for the 1937 exhibition. The city of Paris closed the aquarium in 1985, due to obsolescence. It was then rebuilt in 2006. Certain elements of decoration are inspired by the work Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, which in turn was inspired by the aquarium exhibition 1867 for certain elements in his novel.
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After paying the entrance fee we se the waters of the metropole starting with sturgeons, followed by rays and lobsters and ending at langust moray eels. The next section is the outer sea section with coral reefs and other biodiverse habitats, followed by large tanks with sharks and groupers. The last aquarium is for the piranha.

DE: Dies Aquarium zeigt tüpisch für moderne Schauaquarien fische der region, von Frankreich und grosse Becken für Haie. Das Aquarium ist das äleste Aquarium der Welt

DK: Dette akvarie viser typisk for offentlige akvarier fisk fra regionen, fra Frankrig og store akvarier for hajer. Akvariet er verdens ældste
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