Paris Sea Life

City: Paris

Country: France

Region: Ile de France

Opend 2002


 Species 350 


Located just 5 minutes from Disneyland® Resort Paris in the heart of the Commercial Centre Val d'Europe, Aquarium SEA LIFE takes you on a magic and interactive journey into a fascinating marine world.  Paris SEA LIFE centre presents to the public over 50 tanks with 2 million litres of water!Explore and touch the amazing creatures at the Discovery Pool: Starfish-anemones-mussels. Discover different species of sharks: A total of 11 species in the ocean tanks. Meet the turtles Natasha and Briony, the magnificent green turtles. Enjoy the magical experience at the ray tank in the central area of the centre. Discover the Amazonian forest with the scary piranhas

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Last visited 2014


Aquarium SEA LIFE
Centre commercial Val d’Europe
14 cours du Danube – Serris
77 711 Marne la Valle cedex 04


Phone number .: 01 60 42 33 66




Open  minimum 10am-5.30pm



  • Adult 20,95 Euro
  • Child up to 16,95 Euro
Anual pass
  • Adult 42,90 Euro
  • Child up to 33,90 Euro

You are welcome to take photos, just remember to mention the aquarium on your page
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After paying the entrance fee we start with looking at the fish of the river Seine and then follow the path to the Monsters of the Deep. Here we meet octopus and other strange looking creatures. Another monster is the Japanese spider crab. Now we have reached the French coast, meet shark babies and a tank for rays. Going through the conservation are we reach the cold Atlantic, where we meet our first sharks. They are folowed by a history lessons about sharks and that they aren't so blood thursty as rumor has it. On every bottom of the sea we of course also meet at pirat ship and close to it is a lagoon where maybe a treasure is hidden. On land again its time to see what the mangrove forest is about. Then its time to see sea horses, where the male take kare of the kids and even has a pouch for it. A bad reputation are also the piranhas having in the following Amazon area. Diving down to the coral reef to meet clown fish leads us to the exit, but before we have to se the annualy exchanging exhibition. 

DE: Das Sea Life Center von Paris ist einer der grössten und zeigt eine vielfallt von Fischen von den grossen Haien bis zu den putzigen Seepferdchen

DK: Sea Life Centeret af Paris er en af de største af slagsen og viser en mangfoldighed af fisk fra de store hajer til de sjove søheste
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