Toba Aquarium

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City: Toba
Country: Japan
Region Kinki
Opened 26.05.1955


Species 850


Toba Aquarium is a huge aquarium in Japan. It is located on the side of a beautiful sea in Mie Prefecture Toba City. A lot of sea animals such as Dugongs called model of mermaid, big Africa manatees, Sea otters, Finless porpoise are athe aquarium. The total length in the building is about 240m. The total length of the passage is about 1.5km. As the aquarium of the indoor type, it is a very big aquarium. In the pavilion, it is possible to see slowly because it doesn't have the seeing route and it is divided into the zone of 12.

Service given


Open : minimum  9am-4.30pm

Entrace fee: Yes

For kids: Playgrounds and pettingarea

Food: The auarium has a place where you can get a snack


Taking photos: Is allowed, if publiciesed, please mention the aquarium on your homepage







Phone number 0599-25-2555
Fax number 0599-25-2587
Address: Toba Aquarium, 3-3-6,Toba City, Toba, Mie Prefecture, 517-8517, Japan 





Where to finde the Aquarium:

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I don't have any guides of this aquarium. Does any body know if they made any guides? And where I can get those?



In the years 1980 and 2005 they had theire anniversarrys. Have they made any books on this occassion?
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