City: St. Peter-Ording

Country: Germany

State: Schleswig-Holstein


Opend 1992


Species 130

This aquarium is showing a small colection of fish from the Northern Sea. Its also germanys biggest Seal Sanctury. Beside this it shoves different life stock that are indangered

Vis stort kort

Last visitet 2013



Wohldweg 6
D-25826 St. Peter-







Phone 04863-3044



Open minimum 10.30am-4pm. November-March only open at Weekends with really good weather



Entrance fee:

  • Adult 11,- Euro
  • Child 7,50 Euro
  • Familly* 31,- Euro
Familly are valid for parents with their own children

Annual card:
  • Adult 42 Euro
  • Child 26 Euro
  • Familly* 104 Euro
*Familly cards are valid for (grand-)parents and their (grand-)children

Kids will love the petting area

Map 2015 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee we meet the eastern pelicans and walk across the bridge. Then turning right the great cormorant, following are the fon harbour seals, with daily feeding shows. Behind them we have a walk in aviary for northern gannet. Then walking straight forward and the turning left we have several farmanimals lije the Hafflinger. On the right are several walk-in aviaries for black storks. On the roof are wild white storks. Turning left and the right we have several lakes for ducks and gees. Then going inside the enclosure for alpacas. While we are in theire enclosure we see a small enclosure for roe deer. After we are going outside the alpaca enclosure we see aviaries for birds of prey and black-crowned night heron, as well as the Northern Bald Ibis. Across the restaurant we are having the troparium with tropical fish and reptiles. Then following the road on the left we meet the white stork and across some terrariuums for snakes as well as some farm animals. Turning left  we follow the area to ride ponies and going through the house for yellow mongoose. Here we have some aviaries for bird of prey and an enclosure for donkeys. Returning to the yellow mongoose house  we meet several goat and sheep species. Then following the riding areaand then turning left we are having the petting area, the corsac fox and the mouse house. In this area we also have some aviaries for owls and rosy starlings.

DE: Im Westküstenpark trifft man auf Robben, verschieden tropischen Fischen und Haustieren, darunter 5 verschiedene Eselrassen

DK: I denne lille have ser man sæler, forskellige tropiske fisk og husdyr som 5 forskellige æselracer
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