Tierpark Ueckermünde


City: Ueckermünde

Country: Germany

State: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Opend 1962


Species 100

This small zoo has beside the interesting aquarium among others otters, ringtailed lemurs and wolfes

Vis stort kort
Last visit 2013

Tierpark Ueckermünde
Chausseestraße 76
D-17373 Ueckermünde


Phone: 039771-5494-10




Open minimum 10am-3pm, closed  24th & 31st december 




  • Adult 10,- Euro
  • Child 5,- Euro

Anual card 

  • Adult 35,- Euro
  • Child 20,- Euro

Kids will love feeding several of the animals like the fallow deer and the pet animals at the petting zoo
Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee we go to the left and se an eclosure for European cranes, next to them we find the vivid European otter. Behind them we have a small house for European fish.Across we se turtles and ducks, gees and the white stork. Now we go inside to the ring-tailed lemurs. Outside again we have on the left the mandrill and on the right small carnivores like fennec fox and the meerkat. Behind them we find the lion. Now turning right we go inside to the barbary macaque. Outside again and turning right and then left we go inside the enclosure for fallow deer and the mouflon. On the way around we also see different owls. Out side again we have farm animals like donkeys, pigs, goats and horses. On the right hand we then have the Tarpan, a horse looking like the extinct wilde horse and the wolf. Behinde the Tarpan we meet Arabian camels and a big savannah with zebras. Following the way arround we se the greater flamingo and the wallabies. Around the play ground we se South American animals like the llama, common marmosets and the blue-and-yellow macaw

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt insbesonders Europäische Tiere wie den Otter, aber auch einige Afrikanische wie den Katta und Südamerikaner wie Aras

DK: Denne lille have viser især europæiske dyr som odderen, men også nogle afrikanske dyr som kattaen og sydmaerikanske som araen
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