City: Hodenhagen

Country: Germany

State: Lower Saxony


Opend 1972


Species 107

This park is a mix of an amusement park and a safari park, in adition it also has monkey park. So if you fancy seeing an elefant or rhino in front of your car, this is the place to be

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Last visitet 2014




Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen
Am Safaripark 1
29693 Hodenhagen



Phone: 05164-97990


Open minimum April-October 10am-5pm




  • Adult 37,50 Euro
  • Child 27,50 Euro
Annual card
  • Adult 99,- Euro
  • Child 79 Euro
See some of the daily shows or just feed some of the animals allways will make the day more joyfull. And remeber most of the rides are free. (The safari bus through the enclosures is 5 Euro each though)
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After paying the entrance fee, you can decide if you want to park your car at the parking lot to the left and take the bust through the Safari area (safest for the car) like people on foot or just start with the first enclosure with giraffesm different antelopes and islands for lemurs. Its followed another savannah home to cheetahs in theire enclosure while you drive between different antelope species like the siatungas and impalas, The petting area follows then with fallow deer, donkeys and goats. Here you also find a lake with harbour seals.  Back to Africa we now find Arabian oryx's and other antelopes. From Africa we go through the prairie of Northamerica with Elk and Bison, to end up in Russia with Amur leopards, sika and blackbuck. Then its time for South America with South Anerican tapirs, guanacos, rhea and an island for spidermonkeys. Another part of Asia is home to gibbons, deer and antelopes as well as the yak. The next four enclosures are for lions and tigers. They are followed by black bears, kulans and baboons. After a small trip to the Australian outback with wallabies we enter the last African section with White Rhinos (40 calfs so far), zebras, different cattle and Arabian Camels. Shortly after you find the African Elephants, thar all ready have repoduced. Back at the parking lot  we go under the roof over the path and then turn right. By this you are entering the monkey world with lemurs, out side again its time to se the hanuman langur. At the following barbary monkey and squirel monkeys you can enter. After the tamarins you can take the path on the right and straight up across the entrance area for cars, to come to the last Savannah. There we meet guereza monkeys first and the giraffes as well as several antelope species, like the bongo. Back to the tamarins and then going under several monkey aviaries you meet macaques and veveret monkeys. On the island on the left hand is a huge play cage for children where they can meet white-headed lemurs. Followin the path arrond the lake again and then right, we see Chimpanzees. Behind them is another area for white lions

DE: Deutschlands grösster Safaripark bietet viel spass duch seine Tier- und Freizeitwelt, wo die meisten Fahrgeschäfte frei sind. Auf dem weg trift man Europas grösste Nashorngruppe (mit bis jetzt 40 Kälbern), Arabische Oryxe und verschiedene Arten von Affen

DK: Tysklands største safaripark tilbyder meget sjov gennem sin dyreverden og sommerland. Die fleste fartøjer er endda gratis. På sin vej møder man Europas største næsehornsflok (der til endnu har fået 40 unger), arabiske oryxantiloper og forskellige abearter.
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