Vollblutaraber-Gestüt & Naturtierpark Ströhen


City: Ströhen-Wagenfeld

Country: Germany

State: Lower Saxony


Opend 1959


Species 130

This zoo has a regular zoo part and the other part is a Stud farm for Arabian horses. The zoo has favorites like the African elefant, as well as rareties like the Banteng and Dybowski's deer

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Tierpark Ströhen
Tierparkstraße 43
49419 Ströhen-



Phone: 05774-505




Open minimum 9am-4pm




  • Adult 14 Euro
  • Child 8 Euro
  • Family* 40 Euro
*Familly tickets are valid for 2 adults and 2 children

Annual card 
  • Adult 54,- Euro
  • Child 29.- Euro
  • Family* 129,- Euro
*Familly cards are valid for 2 adults and 2 children

Kids will love the petting area and the daily cirkus show
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After paying the entrance fee we meet on the left hand the alpacas and llama. Opposite we find dofferent monkeys like the Lar gibbon and ring-tailed lemurs. Ajanced we find the South American tapirs. Going arround the lake with waterfowl  its time to see cheetahs and African wild dogs on your left hand.  Neighbouring is a small savannah and then Arabian camels. Walking inbetween water fowl lakes you among others see the flamingo's. Behind it are cougars and Amur tigers. After the donkeys we then meet different species of deer as well as the bantengs and the siatungas. Crossing the small bridge we have reached Europes largest stud farm of Arabian horses. In this area we also find the Citkus and African elephants. Going back we turn left at the water fowl to Oriental small-clawed otters and meerkats. Now heading for the exit and going to the other side of the road we are having a large wooden area. Keeping left at the goats, tat can be pet, we meetowls and doves. They are followed by an huge enclosure with tarpans, high-land cattle and fallow deer. Following the road to the rightwe see the lynx and across sika deer.  On the left are eagl owls. Turning right we meet different deer, goats and sheep - like the Mouflon. 

DE: Dieser Zoo ist mitten einem waldes mit schönen belegenen Seen. Er hat Tiere wie Afrikanische Elefanten, Bantengs und Amur Tiger. Daneben beherbergt er Europas grösstes Arabergestüt

DK: Denne zoo er midt i en skov med smukke søer. Den har dyr  som afrikanske elefanter, bantenger og Amur tigre. Desuden finder man Europas største araberstuteri her.
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