Exotarium Oberhof


City: Oberhof

Country: Germany

State: Thuringia


Opend 28.02.2000


Species 140

This aqua-terrarium has a lot of fish, but most interesting is the snake area. Of course there also are bird-eating spiders and amphibians.

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Last visitet 2015




Exotarium Oberhof
Crawinkler Straße 1
D - 98559 Oberhof







Phone 036842-21404



Open minimum 10am-6pm



Entrance fee:

  • Adult 8,50 Euro
  • Child 5,- Euro
  • Familly* 23,- Euro
*Familly tickets are valid for 2 parents and theire children

If you are there a Wednesday or Friday be shure to take part in the feeding of the animals


The operators, Achim Köhler and Hardy Kempter, are dealing with Reptiles since 1985, especially with the snakes. As more species were added and other animal groups such as lizards, insects and arachnids were included in the collection, the idea matured, that they would open for the interested guest. 
On 28 April 2000, the exotarium Oberhof opened. Since then, the animal population as well as exhibition space is constantly expanding. On 1st May 2005, a new area was opened with seven aquariums. In August of the same year the Exotarium received the Zoo-approval after new EU directive. Thus, the exotarium Oberhof is the most modern and largest aquarium-terrarium-Zoo in central Germany.
After paying the entrance fee we se 10 terrariums for bird-eating spiders, followed by darter frogs and the strange lesser siren. Turning left we then see leopard tortoise and adjanced the bearded dragons. Turning left once more we see several snake species, like the gaboon viper and the lancehead. The last large terrariums are for water monitors, burmese python and rat snakes. The smal next room has 10 terrariums for insects as well as a larger one for the black agama. The last section is an aquarium section with 7 aquarium and a large terrarium with tortoises. In this room you among other see rainbow fish, cichlides and the arowana.

DE: Dieses kleine Exotarium zeigt insbesonders fische, hat aber auch eine interessante Sammlung von Vogelspinnen und Schlangen

DK: Dette lille exotarium viser især fisk, men har også en interessant samling af fugleedderkopper og slanger
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