Tierpark Suhl


City: Suhl

Country: Germany

State: Thuringia


Opend 1969


Species 100

This small zoo shows domestic and wild animals from the region. You meet the majestic moose and Europes biggest cat the lynx.

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Last visitet 2015




Tierpark Suhl
Carl-Fiedler-Straße 58
98527 Suhl







Phone 03681-760441



Open minimum 9am-4.30pm



Entrance fee:

  • Adult 6,- Euro
  • Child 3,- Euro
  • Family* 14,- Euro
* Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and theire children

Annual card
  • Adult 20,- Euro
  • Child 10,- Euro
  • Family* 40,- Euro
* Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and theire children

For kids there is a chance to pet goats 


The zoo was opened on the 7th October 1969. It was originally limited to the keeping of animals in Germany. Since the 1990s, enclosures were expanded or rededicated in terms of animal welfare. An increase of the attractiveness of the park came with the purchase of exotic animals that are classified as visitors favorites: 2009, a walk-in aviary for Lorikeet instead of the bear pits and 2010 an enclosure for meerkat was opened. The financial assurance concept Suhl 2023 provides for savings on the future financial support of the zoo.
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After paying the entrance fee we go up to mmet the lorikeets, behind them we find the wild cats. Down the hill we are passing the lynx. On the right hand we then have the barn , but just before we see rabbits and squirrels. In the barn we find donkeys. Back on the main path we then see the wisent, followed by the petting area. Going up hill on the right we then see Thuringian forest goats, porcupines and the mufflon. In the valley is a large lake with black and white storcks as wel as water fowl. Back on the main path again we have several bird aviaries, followed by fallow deer, red deer the moose as well as the auerochs. Then its time to look at some local owls before we are heading back to look at the ibex and the meerkats. Bhind the ibex  we find roe deers and aviaries for birds of prey and the rare european mink. In the next are we are having a small tarrarium and the funny degus. Heading now for the exit we meet some more owls.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt insbesonders einheimische tiere wie den mächtigen Wiesent und den seltenen Nerz, aber auch einige Exoten und ein kleines Terrarium werden gezeigt

DK: Denne lille zoo viser især lokale dyr som den mægtige wisent og den sjældne flodilder. Også eksotiske er kommet til, samt et lille terrarie
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