Vogelpark Heiligenkirchen


City: Detmold-Heiligenkirchen

Country: Germany

State: North Rhine-Westphalia


Opend 1969


Species 300

This beautyfull bird park is the ideal place to look and touch parots. Beside those noisy birds it has a broad range of different birdspecies and even som mammals

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Last visit 2014

Vogel- und Blumenpark Heiligenkirchen
Ostertalstraße 3
32760 Detmold


Phone nr 05231-47439

Open minimum April-October 9am-6pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 8,90 Euro
  • Child 6,40 Euro


Annual Card

  • Adult 34,- Euro
  • Child 17,- Euro

There are several daily feeding shows, for the time please ask at the till station. Kids will love the walk in aviary with budgerigars as well as having larger parots on theire shoulder.

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After paying the entrance fee we see on the right cassowaries and are going up the hill. On the right side are several aviaries with pheasants. Still going up side there are some enclosures with cranes. Almost on the top we have a couple af aviaries with African birds, like glossy starlings. Following are Great hornbills. If you wonderd how baby birds look, next door, is an orphanage. The first mammals we meet then are the prairie dogs. On the left side we are having some larger parrots, that can be pet or be sitting on your shoulder.  Kids will love the huge play area following. After that we can walk through a large aviary with budgerigars, which are quite cureous and love to be fet. Exiting it and on the right hand we are entering an large enclosure with emus and wallabies. At the rear end is a petting area with clothes. Going out of the Australian busg again and then turning right we meet pelicans, cranes and other larger birds.  Following the road are some white storks. The last area is a South American area, with a large aviary for Squrrel monkeys, another with larger birds and at last some rheas.

DE: Dieser mittelgrosser Vogelpark ist bekannt durch seine zahme Papageien und zeigt einen breiten Ausschnitt der gesamten Vogelwelt. Daneben hat er ein paar Säuger wie Präriehunde und Känguruhs

DK: Denne mellemstore park er kendt for dens tamme papegøjer og viser et bredt udsnit af hele fugleverdenen. Desuden vises enkelte pattedyr  som præriehunde og kænguruer
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