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City: Gelsenkirchen

Country: Germany

State: North Rhine-Westphalia


Opend 1949


Species 100

Though from 1949 this zoo became a total facelift 2005-10, so everything is new. So now you have a local farm, as well as the areas Alaska, Afrika and Asia. In the African area you even can take a boattrip around, facing hippos eye to eye.

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Last visit 2015

Zoom Erlebniswelt
Bleckstraße 64
D - 45889 Gelsenkirchen


Phone nr 0209-954-50

Open minimum 9am-5pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 21,50 Euro
  • Child 14,- Euro

Annual Card (Dauerkarte)

  • Adult 72,- Euro
  • Child 43,- Euro
  • Familly* 149,- Euro
*Family card is valid for 2 adults and one children. Each aditional child costs 30€

There are several daily feeding shows, for the time please ask at the till station. Kids will love the petting zoo.



1949: The zoo opened as a part of a animal trader company
1993: The first plans for a renovation was made, called Roncalli-Land after the Roncalli Cirkus. 70 milliom Mark (aprox 35 million €) should be invested from 1997. The renovation never started
2000: The lion enclosure was opned as the first step towards modernation
2004: Grimberger Hof opened
2005: The Alaska area was opened
2006: The Africa area was opened
2007: The Grimberger Hof was enlarged
2010: The Asia area was opened

map 2013 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee we on the right side see the farm, with typical farm animals like cows, horses and poultry. The next area we enter is Alaska. We first meet the lynx, followed by racoons and the moose. Passing the restaurant we meet reindeer and two sunspecies of brown bear. Let's then see the funny sea lions befor we see another bear - the polar bear. Then it's time to see wolves and otters. The following area is the African area. First we meet African farm animals like the ankole-watussi. The big predetors are following then, the lion as well as the spotted hyena. Now we are upon the big savannah watching zebras and antelopes on the first and girafes on the other. If you dare you now can take an included boat trip to get closer to baboons, flamingos and hippos. Again on dry land we look at siatungas, white rhinoceroses and chimpanzees. The areas last enclosure are for lemurs. The last area is the Asian area. Its the home for lesser pandas, Bactrian camels, Orangutans and other monkey. We find the only house to walk inside here with some reptiles.

DE: Dieser Zoo ist in 4 Teile eingeteilt - Bauernhof, Afrika, Alaska und Asien. Auf dem Weg trifft man Elche, Orangutans und mehrere Arten von Antilopen

DK: Denne zoo er indelt i 4 dele - en bondegård, Afrika, Alaska og Asien. På vejen møder man elge, orangutaner og flere arter af antiloper.
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