Multimar Wattforum

City: Tönning
Country: Germany
State: Schleswig-Holstein

Opend 1999


Species 280

Experience what the mudflat is about in this medium sized aquarium with 37 tanks. Outside you meet different sheep and European otters. Inside you find a 3 level museum telling the storry about the mudflat and how we humans have used it. The aquarium also has en exhibition about whales. Since its a museum about the mudflat, you will find an concentration of invertebrates

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Last visit 2022



Multimar Wattforum

Dithmarscher Straße 6
D 25832 Tönning




Phone Nr.: 04861-9620-0



Open minimum 9am-5pm, closed 24th december



Entrance fee

  • Adult 9 Euro
  • Child 6 Euro
  • Familly* 25 Euro
*Familly-tickets are valid for 2 parents and theire children


Annual card

  • Adult 40,- Euro 
  • Child 24,- Euro 
  • Familly* 90,- Euro

*Familly-cards are valid for 2 parents and theire children


There are several daily feeding shows, for the time please ask at the till station.

Map 2020 Entrance level Map 2020 Ground Floor Map 2020 Basement
After paying the entrance fee we take the stairs/lift down to the next level and look at what the mudflat is about, why there is a tide and species like the lobster and lugworms. In the biggest tank we look at the sturgeon, saithe and atlantic cod. The last section is about the river following it to the river mouth. Going another floor down we look at the deep Northern Sea. The last last section is about whales in the mudflat and beyond. Regularely near the mudflat are harbour porpoises, but here you also se a skeleton of a sperm whale and a common minke whale

DE: Diese Aquarium zeigt das Leben des Wattenmeeres und welche besondere biodynamische besonderheit dieses macht. Es wird aber auch die Welt der Wale gezeigt

DK: Dette akvarie viser livet i vadehavet og hvilken specielle status denne niche har. Ligeledes vises hvalernes forunderlige verden
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