Vogelpark Olching


City: Olching

Country: Germany

State: Bavaria


Opend 1968


Species 120

This is a small bird park in the suburbs of Munich showing faterfowl and parakeets among others and is lead by a small private society. This society does a lot for  local wild life as well and has a small natural sanctuary

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Last visit 2012

Vogelpark Olching
Toni-März-Straße 1
D 82140 Olching



Phone nr 08142-6527690

Open April-October Sunday 10am-5pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 5,- Euro
  • Child 3,- Euro

10-time visiting card

  • Adult 45,- Euro
  • Child 25,- Euro
Annual membership to the society (including entrance)
  • Adult & Child 45.- Euro
Map 2013 Map 2015
Entering the gates we firts look at red-crowned cranes and lesser yellow-headed vultures. Turning right we have different owls and the blue and yellow macaw. Paying then the entrance fee we are having behinde the house lovebirds and parakeets. Other parrots in this area are eclectus parrots and black-headed parrots. Of other birds in these aviarys are little bittern and corn crake. Reacging the first lake we look at the white stork and black swans among other. The next aviaries are for starlings like the greater blue-eared starling and european birds like the european roller and the eurasian siskin. Behind them we ha enclosures for the emu and the greater rhea. Going back and turning right we meet parakeets and the red-shouldered macaw. Following are snowy owls, aviaries for parrots likt the tanimbar corella and smaller birds like the blue-winged kookaburra. Behinde these we have some other aviaries for small birds like the java sparrow and zebra finch. Using the path right of the carrion crow we meet the great grey owl and the harris hawk. Next are some owls again like the brown wood owl. Here at the next lake with ducks we turn left and meet larger birds like hamerkop, seriemas and striated caracara befor we are heading for the exit

DE: Dieser schöne kleine Vogelpark zeigt wasservögel und sittiche, aber auch seltenheiten wie der Kleine Gelbkopfgeier. Neben bei hat er auch ein kleines Vogelschutzgebiet.

DK: Denne smukke lille fuglepark viser vandfugle og parakiter, men oogså mere sjælden viste arter som lille gulhovedet grib
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