Vogelpark Bobenheim


City: Bobenheim-Roxheim

Country: Germany

State: Rhineland-Palentine


Opend 1973


Species 130

This small birdpark shows water fowl, parakeets and some birds found in Germany. Between Darmstadt and Karlsruhe you find more than 50 similar birdparks, only this one and 2 other have more than 100 species

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Last visit 2011

Vogelpark Bobenheim-Roxheim 
Kleinerweg 1
D 67240 Bobenheim-Roxheim



Phone nr 06239-6859

Open 24 hours



Entrance fee

  • Adult 0 Euro
  • Child 0 Euro

  • 1956: On 13 January, 13 people met in the former Gasthaus Walter Bobenheim establishing the association. A small exhibition is held the same year at the former inn
  • 1957: A special exhibition is held at the Festhalle Bobenheim (An annual event to 1970)
  • 1969: The mayor Adolf Merz suggests the construction of a bird park. Release of the "Allmenden/commons" by the local government to set up a bird park. Starting work in April.
  • 1971: 1.2 hectares of land leased to the club by the local authority. A parakeet-aviary is build
  • 1973: Partial opening of the bird park
  • 1978: The association is a member of Verband Gemeinnütziger Vogel- und Tierparks
  • 1979/80: Construction of the Great Egret Aviary
  • 1980: Groundbreaking for the new clubhouse
  • 1983: Inauguration of the clubhouse at Easter. Establishment of a further large aviary for wading birds and shorebirds.
  • 1986: Securing the access path with asphalt
  • 1988/89: Renovation of the rear pond and redesign of the meadow for flamingos, cranes, ducks and geese.
  • 1992: Redesign of the main entrance with gate system and showcase
  • 1994/95: Construction of a refrigeration house for storage of food. Modernization of the winter house, installing a heating system with hot water. New installation of a gas supply.
  • 1999/2000: Extensive renovation work on the Great Egret aviary. Annex to the existing winter homeand winter rooms for various waders are built. Commencement of work of a macaw aviary
  • 2001: Completion of the aviary for macaws. Conversion of aviarys for birds of prey, which are now are on display. Start of construction work in the area of ​​workshop and service and maintenance area
  • 2002: Overhaul of the Parakeet avivaries: aviaries are magnified and merged. Indoor aviaries are tiled, the roof of the house is completely renovated.
  • 2010: The bird park gets an Internet presence.
  • 2012: Rainer Berenz becomes new director
  • 2015: The bird park becomes a member of the Society for Species-Preserving Bird Breeding (GAV).
  • 2020: The conversion of the old bird food storage into a chicken house has been completed. The lighting of the bird park is renewed with new LED technology.

Map 2020
After entering we have the big duck pond in front of us, here we meet barnacle gees and the fulvous whistling duck among others. Following the path and turn right we aoon meet aviarys here I just mention som species you meet: red-tailed hawk, black kite, Eurasian stone-curlew, Peruvian thick-knee, red-breasted parakeet, spotted owlet, white-cheeked turaco, blue-bellied roller, European Goldfinch, superb staring and the Bali myna. Across we finde the meadow for the greater flamingo and common crane. The we look at the large aviary for egrets, home for the abdim's stork, western reef heron, squacco heron, white ibis and the African spoonbill

DE: Dieser kleine Vogelpark ist einer von über 50 im Raum zwischen Karlruhe und Darmstadt - davon haben aber nur 3 mehr als 100 Arten. Interessant ist die Triel-samlung mit 3 verschiedenen Arten

DK: Denne lille fuglepark er en blandt over 50 i mellem Darmstadt og Karlsruhe - heraf er der dog kun 3 der har over 100 arter. Interessant er triel-samlingen med 3 forskellige arter
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