Affen- und Vogelpark Eckenhagen

City: Reichshof-Eckenhagen

Country: Germany

State: North Rhine-Westphalia


Opend 1981


Species 120

This small park shows especially birds, some in some larger walk through aviaries. It also home for a few monkey species which enclosures you also mostly can enter

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Last visit 2012

Affen- und Vogelpark Eckenhagen
Am Bromberg 6
D 51580 Reichshof-Eckenhagen

Phone nr 02265-8786

Open minimum 2pm-7pm monday-friday and 10am-7pm at weekends, the outdoor area is only open if there is no snow and ice



Entrance fee

  • Adult 14,70 Euro
  • Child 12,70 Euro
Annual card
  • Adult 42,- Euro
  • Child 37 ,- Euro

It all started as a private collection back in 1972 in Bavaria, this collection grew bigger and bigger so that the owner did look after new grounds. The owner bought a small farm in Eckenhagen in 1978 and opened his park to the public on 1st May 1981.
Map 2013 Map 2020
Connected directly to the entrance area is the indoor adventure hall,a huge play ground indoor. Once you leave the hall, you are in front of a tropical house with cotton top tamarins, birds and turtles.  A few meters down the road the Meerkat  welcomes you. You should keep to the left, where you will meet the hoopoe, a gray parrot and free-range chickens. Integrated into the chicken coop is a bird hatchery whose stocking is depending on the current breeding success of the park. Here you will also find a mountain railway which wheelchair users and people that the path is too steep for,  can use to get down to the valley. However, the others should choose the path that leads you to the pheasant garden. Here you have free-running pheasants and ducks at your feet and canaries and pigeons flying over your head. Then you come to the owl castle where you feel as if you where in a completely different area. Further down the road and right through the corridor, you are inside a free-flight aviary for parakeets and if you keep to the left, you pas the white garden. A little further along the path you enter the monkey valley with Barbary macaques, and then in to the squirrel monkey enclosure,/. Following is a petting zoo and aplay ground waiting for you. The path a bit back and then left again, you get to the Holy ibises passing the black stork and the trumpeter hornbills. In this part of the park also often free-range chickens are found. Follow the trail, passing the emus, you come to speaking sulphur-crested cockatoo. It says words such as cha-cha, windbag and hello. Besides a few warts duck here also lives a native of Australia - the Kookaburra, which is also called laughing Hans and makes his name honot with its laugh. Then you get into the small animal department, here are the dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs and mice. Passing jackdaws, Red glossy ibis and Lesser Flamingos, you come to a small walk-through aviary with turtles. Directly behind the free-flight aviary invites a bank to observe the opposite medow with crown cranes, black swans, geese and among others. Have you relaxed enough to follow the path further into the Danube Delta, a large walk through aviary where glossy ibis, cormorants and many other birds run or even fly across your path. Connected to the Danube Delta is a another free-flight aviary with peacocks, storks and swans. When you leave the free flight aviaries, keep to the left and reach the cattle egret aviary with adjoining squirrel monkey enclosure. Further along the road you will see flamingos and Cameroon sheep and need to go back through the cattle egret aviary and finally come to the garden café with adjacent playground.

DE: Dieser kleine Park zeigt insbesonders Vögel aber auch mehrere Affenarten. Viele der Anlagen sind betretbar und so steht man schnell Auge zu Auge mit z.B. einem Berberaffe oder Kuhreiher

DK: Denne lille have viser især fugle men også nogle abearter. En del af anlæggene og volierer kan betrædes og på den måde er man hurtigt i øjehøjde med f.eks. en berberaber eller en kohejre
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