Tierpark Fauna


City: Solingen-Gräfrath

Country: Germany

State: North Rhine-Westphalia


Opend 1932


Species 130

This small zoo startet with showing from Germany but has since added a vivarium with reptiles and megabats and other exotic animals like the coati and monkeys

Vis stort kort
Last visit 2011

Tierpark Fauna

Lützowstraße 347
D 42653 Solingen-Gräfrath



Phone nr 0212-591256

Open minimum 9am-4.30pm - it can be closed becourse of bad weather conditions



Entrance fee

  • Adult 5,- Euro
  • Child 2,50 Euro

Annual card
  • Adult/Child 35,- Euro
  • Family 60,- Euro

  • 1932: Renaming the "Ziergeflügelzuchtverein Fauna"  to "Natur- und Vogelschutzverein Fauna". From the beginning to society watet to open an animal park for amimals found in Germany and started working on this from day one
  • 1942: Becourse of World War 2 the park had to be closed
  • 1949: The parks revival with aid from the community Gräfrath
  • 1951: Reopening the gates for visitors
Map 2004
After paying the entrance fee we turn right and see parots and a phesantry in front of us.  Opposite we have some carnivores, namely the raccoon, the coati and the lynx.  Following the road and then going straight forward we have on the right side and aviary for egrets and some enclosures for donkeys and llamas. On the left side are meerkats. At the monkeys we go inside the Vivarium. Outside again we turn left and have Australian animals like the Wallaby and the kookaburra. Passing the toilets and then turning right we look at flamingos, goats, sheep and owls. Still following the road around the loop we soon reach a playground. At the rabbits we turn right and look at mice and Guinea pigs, befor walking towards the exit

DE: Dieser kleine Tierpark zeigt Vögel und kleinere Säugetiere wie den Nasenbären und Känguruhs. Es hat aber auch ein kleines Vivarium mit Reptilien und flughunden

DK: Denne lille have viser fugle og små pattedyr som næsebjørne og kænguruer. Den har doh også et lille vivarie med krybdyr og flyvende hunde
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