Tierpark Hirschfeld


City: Hirschfeld

Country: Germany

State: Saxony


Opend 1956


Species 120

This small zoo in the middle of a forest shows different kind of birds, monkeys and some few other mamals like the wisent and the brown bear

Vis stort kort
Last visit 2013

Tierpark Hirschfeld

Tierparkstraße 3
D 08144 Hirschfeld



Phone nr 037607-5239

Open minimum tuesday-sunday 9am-5pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 7,50 Euro
  • Child 3,50 Euro
  • Family* 21,- Euro
*Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and up to 3 kids

Annual card 
  • Adult 65,- Euro
  • Child 35,- Euro

It all startet with a beech that is 450 years old, this trea has seen the first captiv animals back in 1870. Then it was a hunting ground with red deer for the count familly of Arnim. 1956 it then became a real zoo, though first showing German animals like red deer, red fox and badgers
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After paying the entrance fee we are having a big lake for ducks, then we turn right and look at the red deer and the fallow deer. After a while we are having raccoon dogs and  wild boars. Then its time to look at wolfes and brown bears. Following the road to the right we are passing the coaties and Indian crested porcupine. Climbing then the mountain we get  to the pheasentry., home for pheasants, parots, kookabooras and a lot of other birds. Then turning right we are having the mighty wisent and the the monkey house with 4 different species like the rarely seen moor macaque. Behind this house we are having the owls, here you can go inside and among others meet the barn owl. Turning around and going up the hill we are having on the right hand nutrias and on the left "Polaris", home for the snowy owl and the arctic fox. Also on the left hand are some enclosures for ponys and donkeys, then its time for a cup of coffee.  In the last area we meet the alpaca and a small outdoor vivarium with tortoises and fish.

DE: Dieser Tierpark zeigt insbesonders Vögel aber auch grössere Tiere wie der Braunbär und das Wisent. Eher selten gezeigt wird der Mohrenmakak

DK: Denne lille have viser især fugle men også enkelte store dyr som brunbjørnen og wisenten. Meget sjældent vises  moor makaken
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