Wildpark Schwarze Berge


City: Rosengarten-Vahrendorf

Country: Germany

State: Lower Saxony


Opend 1969


Species 100

This huge park is a wild animal park especially showing deer and other animals found in Germany. Some of the enclosures you can enter

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Last visitet 2013




Wildpark Schwarze Berge

Am Wildpark 1
D 21224 Rosengarten-Vahrendorf



Phone: 040-81977470




Open minimum 9am-5pm




  • Adult 11,- Euro
  • Child 9,- Euro

Annual Card
  • Adult 50,- Euro
  • Child 25,- Euro

Allways interesting is the bird show where birds of prey show how they can fly and the feeding times, no matter if it's by an keeper or you do it your self. Animal food can be bought at vending mashines

  • 1968: The building of the park begins
  • 1969: The park opens it gates at the 26th June with Wisents among others
  • 1970: Opening of the entrance house
  • 1971: Opening of the walk in enclosure for fallow deer; member of the "Deutscher Wildgehege Verband e.V." (german association for wild animal parks)
  • 1974: Building the phesantry
  • 1975 Building a house with heat for migrating birds
  • 1979: Opening of the kraftsmen house
  • 1987: Building the view tower
  • 1996: Building a new enclosure for the European wild cat and for the Ibex
  • 1999: Opening the the "kitchen for mice" and the enclosure for wolf. Taking part at the EEP for black storks andthe wisent
  • 2000: Opening the bat house and the moose enclosure
  • 2001: Opening of the "tunnel for rats" and the "mountain for rabbits", starting reintroducing lyng in the Harz, membershib of the VDZ (association of German zoo directors)
  • 2003: Building a new enclosure for raccoons
  • 2005: Renovating the restaurant
  • 2007: Opening of parakeet aviaries at the kraftsmen house
  • 2008: Building aviaries for corvids
  • 2009: Opening an enclosure for brown bears
  • 2011: Opening of the camping ground
  • 2012: Renovation of the entrance erea, building a bird show areana with aviaries and terrariums at the kraftsmen house
Map 2015 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee and buying some food for the animals at the vending mashine the first animal we meet and can pet are the pot-bellied pig and turn right. On our route we then meet the Alpine ibex, the mouflon and dybowski's sika deer. The we reach some enclosures for smaller predetors - the fox and the badger across is a small path with high land cattle, donkeys and ferrets. Turning back we look at the lynx and then go around the lake, first though we look at bees and European otters. At the other end of the lake we have the kraftsmen-house, home for som birds and reptiles. On our way back to the lynx we are passing some guines pigs and the we turn right. If you dare you then can enter the bat house, els its time to look at European snakes and then the wild boar.  Now its time to look at rabbits and the German grey heat (sheep). Going back to the boars we enter the enclosure for fallow deer, in the begging of this large area we also have the bird show area with some aviaries for birds of prey. Going down the hill and turn right we looh at the brown bear. Going upwards again we see the moose. Outside again of the fallowdeer enclosure we have on the left hand different species of marten, mice and rats. If you want a great of the area climb now the large tower. Turning left again we are havin some small enclosures for the hedgehog and the raccoon. Following the enclosure for the wisent we after a while se another huge enclosure for red deer. Keeping on the right side we have som rabbits and the snowy owl. If you want to pet goats, its time for that now. Els turn rightand look at some owls, landrace of Bentheim (a sheep race) and ants. At the roe deer keep right and meet the eagle owl, nutria and the wolf.  On the left hand we then are having European wild cats.  Opposite we meet the black stork, the white stork as well as different species of owls and corvids

DE: Der Wildpark Schwarze Berge ist ein grosser schöner Park mitten im Wald, er zeigt insbesonders die Deutsche Fauna vom Braunbären bis zur kleinen Maus. Interesseant sind auch die täglichen Flugshows

DK: Wildpark Schwarze Berge er en stor smuk dyrehave derligger midt i en skov og som har specialiseret sig på den tyske fauna fra brunbjørnen til den lille mus. Interessant er ligeledes de daglige flyveshows
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