Tiergarten Bernburg


City: Bernburg

Country: Germany

State: Saxony-Anhalt


Opend 1909


Species 125

This small zoo shows especially ducks and other lake birds, rarely shown are the cheeta and the hyrax

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Last visitet 2010




Tiergarten Bernburg

Krumbholzallee 3
D 06406 Bernburg (Saale)




Phone: 03471-352816




Open minimum 10am-4pm




  • Adult 6,50 Euro
  • Child 3,25 Euro
  • Family* 15,- Euro
* Family cards are valid for 2 parents or grandparents and up to 3 children

Annual card
The dimensions of this hobby took on forms that resulted in the small apartment to no longer tolerable conditions. We searched a lot outside of Hamburg, which offered in addition to the house, the possibilities for a greenhouse for the butterflies. The land was found and implemented the project. After a few years, the next problem was enough space and facilities, only the professional devoured most of the time. Logically, the next step was the conversion of the hobby into a profession. The first result was the Butterfly Park in Buchholz North Heath. In 1992, a second butterfly park at the edge of Uslar was compared with an indoor swimming pool planned, constructed and put into operation in 1993 at the suggestion of the Deputy Town Clerk of the city Uslar.
  • Adult 31,- Euro
  • Child 16,- Euro

Kids will love to pet and feed the animals in the petting area


When the city of Bernburg was given two gold pheasants in 1909 from the collection of Köthener pheasantry, no one imagined that once an entire zoo would develop out of it. Formerly the residence of the Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg belonged to the united Duchy of Anhalt and tried as an emerging industrial center for many years also to the establishment of a tradition spa town. Near the zoo today a representative Spa house was built, and the spa guests could stroll in the adjacent Beyer. The necessary order and security provided to the forester, who lived in a 1897 errected house, built with turrets and arches These adorns the zoo entrance today. The forest guard house also included a barn, a public toilet facility, and a larger yard with tree nursery, at the enclosure in October 1909 that first aviary was built. This aviary was first entlarged and enclosures where added during the 3rd reich. Here a lot of small zoos where opened to educate people of the surrounding nature. Against the then existing tennis court (now bear enclosure) was in 1935, a new aviary complex built for all kinds of exotic birds, while in the old, somewhat shady located cage where imhabitet by rabbits and guinea pigs. A year later came the first of the Peacocks from Wörlitz, and at the stable of the forest guard house was a pool with water made of roofing felt made readdy for a very special new arrival. Shortly before Christmas 1936 came from the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg a plot of two seals. These lively animals that captured the hearts of Bernburg in a storm could be even fed by visitors. Forage fish cuold be bought from the forest guards. As a gift of dyeing Bergner the following year monkeys arrived to the collection. In 1938 becourse of the citys 800th anniversarry flamingos arrived  and the following year penguins. During the years 1939-45 it was a harsh time, still this zoo managed to stay open. 1938 the zoo had 108 animals in 1945 only 46! The zoo got wood from the Harz from 1946 and the first hoofed animals could move in. The animal population grew steadily. 1947 came coypu (living in the former Seal Pool), golden pheasants, pigeons and other birds. In the following year, yak, fallow deer, turkey and masked pig were added. Left of the entrance in 1949 numerous enclosure for deer, cattle, wild pigs and ponies were created.The lake was restored. From residual budget was in 1950 in National integration (NAW) the bird house bild, at the back of a line was built predator cages in the following year. First animals showen here were three wolves, three dingoes, two arctic foxes and even a hyena, all coming from the zoo in Halle. Typical for the time, the zoo was freely open and becourse of this, people started misstreating the animals. So the zoo was fenced in and officially on 13th october 1951 and the first entrance fee was taken 1st september 1952. 1956 the begging of a bear cage was startet, the city of Bernburg wantet a zoo with interesting species. The government of the former GDR wantet to close it. First in the year 1959 the zoo got electricity and a toilet, the same year 3 deer enclosures got errectet.1962 the renovation of the zoo startet, this did take more than 10 years. So some of the exotic animals like animals had to leave the collection. The monkeys returned im 1970, a year where an extention of the zoowas planned. The government of the GDR in Berlin acceptet a zoo for german animals, but went crazy when exotic animals like an Arabian camel was added. 1972 on the extention ground, the zoo became twice as big, the first animals arrive. They were donkeys and pony's. 1974 a birdhouse was errected and in 1975 an enclosure for kangurus. In the 1980's a big lake, a phesantry and enclosured for hungarian grey cattle was added. 1985 the restaurant was extended and in 1988 a new entrance was added. A prob has since 1980 been that the nearbey river Saale got over it shores, latest in 2013 - especially the extension area has bigge problems with this. After a decline in visitors from 1989-1992, the playground was entlarged and grevy zebras added to the collection. 2000 the new bear enclosure was built, today home for brown bears and wolfes, 2002 the birdhouse was renovated and a plan making the zoo to a geographical zoo was made. Since the zoo has built on this project and has been internationally acreditet.
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After paying the entrance fee we are looking at the Racka and then the cheetah, as well as donkeys. The first houseis the Africa house with ring tailed lemurs and hyrax's. In the rooftop there is a small aquarium. Outside again we turn left and see the vervet monkeys.  On the right hand then there are some birds like the red and yellow barbet and the blue bellied roller. At the shetland ponies we turn left, and are looking at the bactrian camel, llamas and hungarian grey cattle. On the right side there are several deerspecies and the mighty wisent. Following the path we se Bentheim Black Pied and once again the racke. Here we turn left and se the bush dog and then the emu and the lynx.  Turning soon right and following the wolf and brown bear enclosure we meet penguins.Passing the wallbies we soon se a lake for ducks and the the America house with cotton-top tamarins.  The last animals we see are the maras and the flamingos

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo verschiedene Vögel und einige Säugetiere, wie das Ungarische Steppenrind und den Buschschliefer.

DK: Denne lille have viser forskellige fugle og enkelte pattedyr som det ungariske steppekvæg og klippegrævlinge
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