Tiergarten Mönchengladbach


City: Mönchengladbach-Odenkirchen

Country: Germany

State: North Rhine-Westphalia


Opend 1957


Species 125

This small zoo shows especially birds and smaller animals, except for the large wisent. 

Vis stort kort
Last visit 2012

Tiergarten Mönchengladbach

Am Pixbusch 22,
D 41199 Mönchengladbach-Odenkrichen



Phone nr 02166-601474

Open minimum 9am-4pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 5,- Euro
  • Child 3,- Euro
Annual cards (can only be bought for familys)
  • Family 50,- Euro

Kids will love to feed some of the animals and pet some animals at the petting zoo


On 18 May 1955 founded hunter, animal and nature lovers a club from which emerged two years later a zoo in the district Odenkirchen. The city provided the club a little land , so that the zoo  could open on 3 August 1957.
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After paying the entrance fee we turn right and se aviaries parots and other birds. Across is a pond for red-eared sliders and other turtles. This brings us to the monkeyhouse with gray langurs and the tufted capuchin among others.  Behinde the house we find boer goats, moufflons and different deers like the sika.  On the right hand are rabbits and chipmunks.  Then its time to see the Cameroon sheep and the valais blackneck. The largest carnivores that the zoo has at the moment are the following harbour seals and the we follow the enclosure for the wisent. Across we are having the hungarian grey cattle, donkeys and the rebreed of the extinct tarpan. Then its time to look at the pymy goats and kids will love the following play grounds. Taking the path to the right we first meet ducks and then some owls. At the zoo school are some ponys. On the left we then have the rhea and some wallabys.  Adjanced we find the coypu and a fish pond. Beside the wallabys are some enclosures for rodents like the prairie dog and small carnivores like the banded mongoose.  Turning right we then se the wild boar. Following is a duck pond. Adjanced is a small carnivore house where we among other find the ocelot, coatis and the lynx. Right next to it is a tropical house with a out door aviary for parots. 

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt insbesonders Vögel, Affen wie der Apella und andere kleinere Tiere. Aber auch viele Haustiere und den mächtigen Wisent

DK: Denne lille have viser især fugle, aber som hulmanen og mindre dyr. Ligeledes er der en del husdyr og den mægtige wisent.
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