Zoologischer Garten Neunkirchen


City: Neunkirchen

Country: Germany

State: Saarland


Opend 1926


Species 120

This small zoo shows especially African and Asian animals from the large Asian elephant to to the vivid yellow-throated marten

Vis stort kort
Last visit 2012

Neunkircher Zoo
Zoostraße 25
D 66538 Neunkirchen


Phone nr 06821-913633

Open minimum 8.30am-5pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 9,90 Euro
  • Child 5,- Euro

Annual card
  • Adult 40,- Euro
  • Child 20,- Euro
  • Family*/** 60,-/90,- Euro
* Family cards are valid for 1 parent and his/hers children
** Family cards are valid for 2 parents and theire children

Cildren will love the petting zoo and there are daily flight shows with birds of prey

  • 1922: Foundation of the aquarium association
  • 1926: lease of today Zoo area by the aquarium association
  • 1933: Construction of an aquarium house
  • 1934: donation of a lion by Hermann Goering
  • 1936 the zoo becomes municipal property
  • 1948: reopening after the war
  • 1958: Opening of the monkey house
  • 1965: remodeling of the multipurpose hall for Tropicarium
  • 1966: Opening of an enclosure of Asian elephants
  • 1967: inauguration of an enclosure for California Sea Lions
  • 1968: Construction of predator house
  • 1969: First Tiger at the zoo
  • 1970: Construction of the head office and Zoorestaurant
  • 1971: Opening of the giraffe house
  • 1976: Inauguration of the leopard house and first orangutan born in Saarland
  • 1978: Opening of a dolphinarium
  • 1981: The first chimpanzee born in Saarland
  • 1983: Opening of the Zoo School
  • 1984: Foundation of the Association for the Promotion of Neunkirchen Zoo - Zooverein eV
  • 1986: First birth of a giraffe in Saarland
  • 1988: Opening of the meerkat savannah
  • 1995: Inauguration of new facilities for brown bears and wolves
  • 1996: Opening of the Monkey Rock for hamadryas baboons
  • 1997: Opening of the play ground
  • 1999: Opening of the monkey house for orangutans
  • 2002: Opening of the Seals Bay for seals
  • 2003: Opening of the Zoo falconry
  • 2004: Opening of the Elephant Temple
  • 2005: Opening of the beaver pond with beaver lodge
  • 2007: Opening of the raccoons and mink swamp
  • 2011: Opening of the facility for Siberian yellow-throatet marten and leaf-cutter ants, as well as the Meerwutzhouse for guinea pigs
Map 2013 Map 2015 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee we see on the left side an aviary for vaders, following this road straight forward we are having on the left side other bird aviaries. At the next point where we can turn right we do so and se potcupines, the we follow the bath on the left. Climbing the hill we se the birds of prey for the birdshow and then follow the enclosure for Asian elephants. Across we are having the enclosure for hamadryas baboons. Behind the elephant house we find brown bears, dholes and the snow leopard. Following the main path and the turning right we se the dingo and across then the Javan rusa. We have now reached the African savannah area with giraf, zebras and ostriches. Inside the house we find pancake tortoise and the short-eared elephant shrew. Outside again we follow the main path and se sika deer, Thuringian goat,  a South American pampas with alpacas and an enclosure for high-land cattle. Turning leftwe see the Shetland ponys and a lake with beavers. Across we find the landrace of Bentheim and an outback enclosure for kangaruhs and the emu. At the bees we once again turn left and see donkeys and bactrian camels. Quite beautiefull are the pheasants on the right hand and kids will love the following guinea pigs. Now we reached the kids area and find rabbits and the petting area with goats.  A bit longer down the path we are having the yellow-throated marten. Returning back to the childrens zoo and turning left we are having the monkey house with grey langures, cotton-top tamarins and the orangutan. Behind this house we finde the kinkajou.  On the left hand we then have an area for small predators like the meerkat and raccoon. Now heading for the exit we will meet the harbour seal and an aviary  for egrets and storks. 

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt insbesonders viele Afrikanische und Asiatische tiere vom riesigen Asiatischen Elefanten bis zum verspielten Buntmarder

DK: Denne lille have viser især en del afrikanske og asiatiske dyr fra de kæmpestore asiatiske elefanter til de legesyge gulstrubede mår
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