Vogelpark Marlow


City: Marlow

Country: Germany

State: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Opend 1994


Species 135

This is great bird park with a lot of walk in aviaries and some mammels like the addax and the meerkat

Vis stort kort

Last visitet 2012




Vogelpark Marlow

Kölzower Chaussee 1
D 18337 Marlow




Phone: 038221-265




Open minimum 10am-4pm




  • Adult 14,90 Euro
  • Child 10,90 Euro

Annual card
  • Adult 40,- Euro
  • Child 30,- Euro

Kids will love the petting zoo and to feed the  lories, In summer there are daily flight shows
Map 2014 Map 2019
After paying the entrance fee we se the African savannah area with ostriches and addax antilopes, in front a groupe of pelicans are swimming. Following the first path on the right we are going threw the white storck enclosure and then we se some aviaries for parrots. Kids will love the next aviary for budgergars, its a walk in aviary where you even can feed the birds. Now turning left  we walk in side the enclosure for wallabies. Next to the is the Kea from New Zealand, they just love to make trouble and see what the world is about. At the the end of the path we turn right to see the lake for the black swans. Then pasing a playground we meet lories, if you like you also can feed these but beware of theire droppings - its quite liquidly. Soon turning left we then meet the southern cassowary, after a while we then again turn left to see the petting zoo with minipigs and goats. Following the path we soon meet the northen bald ibis as well as several crane species.Turning left after a while we enter the Madagascar enclosure where you walk freely among ring-tailed lemurs and ruffed lemurs. In the next aviary we meet the cotton top tamarin and other tamarins, which maybe even will sitt om your shoulder.  Following the path we then have the walk in aviary for flamingos. The next animals are the funny prairie dogs. Keeping to the right we then se the alpaca and the rhea, to these animals you also can go inside. In front of you there is a walk-in forest aviary with black storks and to the left several aviaries for owls. Then its time to look at birds of prey, some of them take part in the bird show, which is held in this area as well. The next walk in aviary shows waders from the bodden landskabe. Then we meet the funny penguins almost swimming beneath your feet, while pelicans fly above your head. Next we find the walk in aviary for African grey parrots. On the left hand we yhen are having the South American house, among others we find the white headed saki here. The next walk in aviary is for the squirrel monkeys. Then its time to look at the tropical house with birds like the sunbittern. The last enclosure is for the oriental small-clawed otter

DE: Dies ist einer der schönsten Vogelparks, interessant beim besuch ist auch dass es beinahe keine st¨rende gitter gibt, den die meisten Anlagen  und Volieren können betreten werden. Interessant sind auch die Vogelshows

DK Dette er en af de smukkeste fugleparker og at de fleste anlæg og volierer kan betrædes gør et besøg ikke mindre spændende, da fuglene i ny og næ endda kan røres. Ligledes interessant er flyveshowet
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