City: Jaderberg

Country: Germany

State: Lower Saxony


Opend 1950


Species 120

This small zoo a tropical house, giraffes, cheetahs and a small fun fair in summer

Vis stort kort

Last visitet 2010





Tiergartenstraße 69
D 26349 Jaderberg



Phone: 04454-9113-0




Open 9am-6pm



Entrance (includes the rides)

  • Adult 19,50 Euro
  • Child 17,50 Euro

Kids will love the petting area and in summer the fun fair (the rides are included in the entrance fee)

Seasonal card
  • Adult 66,- Euro
  • Child 66,- Euro


It all startet back in the 2nd world war when family Pund did  buy an inn, this was formed in to one of Germanys beste zoos and opened 1950.  After that the zoo slowly declined sinc the family did forget to invest in new more modern enclosures, so in the 1980's it was out fashioned. 1995 Werner Ludewigt bought this zoo and decided to make a renovation of the zoo as well as adding a small fun fair. 1999 the zoo bought 12 hectare of land, on which you among other find the new savannah.
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After paying the entrance fee we see the ringtailed lemurs and the flamingos. Following the path straight forward we see rheas, lions, South American tapirs and cheetahs. The its time to look at the macaws and monkeys. On the right is a tropical house, home for the pygmy hippos.  Turning 180 degrees we then come to the coatis and meerkats, and turning left. On the right we are then having kanagroos and gibbons. Opposit we have a small terrarium and follow the path to the donkeys. Then its time to look at the 4 hectare large savannah with giraffes and zebras. If you like you can walk arround the savannah or take the train, just be shure to notice the Bactrian camels on your way.  Turning right we then se the ruffed lemurs and goats. Now its time to take a llok at the funfair and at last look at some penguins

DE: Dieser kleine Tierpark ist eine Mischung aus Tierpark und Freizeitland, auf dem wegen trift man u.a. af Geparden und mehreren Affenarten

DK: Denne lille have er en blanding af en zoo og et sommerland, undervejs ser man bl.a. geparder og flere arter aber
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