Euregiozoo Tierpark Aachen

City: Aachen

Country: Germany

State: North Rhine-Westphalia


Opend 1966


Species 200

This medium sized zoo has a gtreat penguin enclosure and tries to give every visitor education in how to use electricity in a enviromental safe way 

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Last visit 2012

Aachener Tierpark EUROREGIOZOO

Obere Drimbornstraße 44
D - 52066 Aachen,


Phone nr 0241-59385

Open minimum 9am-4.30pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 6,40 Euro
  • Child 3,20 Euro

Annual Card

  • Adult 32,- Euro
  • Child 13,50 Euro

There are several daily feeding shows, for the time please ask at the till station. Kids will love the petting zoo.


After World War 2 an association for ornithology started and since 1952 they save money to open a zoo in the city. Allready in 1953 som ducks where bought and realeased in the Westpark, but a zoo could not be opened there. In stead the small forest of Drimborn was regarded as a good space, so the association for animal friends was founded the 8th december 1960. March 1963 the association the got a small area of the Drimborn forest and started working on it in 1964. March 1965 the grounds where expanded and saturday the 22nd october 1966 the zoo was opened with 30 different species. All ready 1969 the zoo had 113 species and more than 100.000 visitors annualy. September 1971 the zoo was expanded once more and 1983 once again to its present size. In 1980 the kids zoo was opened and in 1983 the zooschool as well as the monkey house. In 1990 the zoo sanctuary was opened. 2000 was an enclosure for bees build and the only red grouses in germany where shown. In 2001 the serval, meerkats, squirrel monkeys, the African penguins and the raccoons got each an new enclosure. 2003 casowarrys, wallabies, lynx and prairiedogs got a new enclosure. 2004 a group of coaties arrived and the building of the childrens farm was started and finished in 2006. In 2004 the Oriental small-clawed otter also arrived and where placed next to the raccoons. The otters visited the raccoons daily, so the fence was pulled down and those 2 species since then share the same enclosure. 2007 the riding square was opened and poitou donkeys where acuired. 2009 the zoo got red river hogs and an aviary for ibises and a walk through aviary for budgerigars.

Map 2013 Map 2015 Map 2019
After paying the entrance fee we are having on the right hand som aviaries for birds like the common hill myna and cotton top tamarins Goin back to the entrance we then look at alpacas and rheas. Following are some small monkeys like tamarins and squirrel monkeys. On the right we then have the childrens zoo, wher kids can pet goats among others. Acroos kids can ride on ponys and then we have some aviaries for parakkets. The one for budgerigars we can enter. Following the large Beverbach lake to the right (home for several ducks and cormorants) we soon se raccoondogs and prairiedogs. Theire neighbours are the bell deer and the southern cassowary. Passing the kiosk that serves food except in winter we meet the meerkat and coaties. Then we se large exotic domestic animals like the Bactrian Camel and llamas. In front of us we then se the African Savannah enclosure with zebras and ostriches. Passing the small bridge to the left then we first look at the crowned crane. Following the serval enclosures we soon see the red pandas and raccoons. On the left we then are having donkeys and highland cattle. In front of us is then a large aviary for golden eagles. At the playground we then turn right to se the manalitsa pig from Hungary. Across we find an aviary for waders and the Northern bald ibis, as well as maned wolfes. Entering the starck and flamingo enclosure we also find som owls and pelicans. Outside again we see porcupines and wallabys. Going up the hill we first meet the alpine marmot. Then we meet one of theire enemys, the lynx. Across we find the barbary macaque and follow the cheetah enclosure. On our way we first meet the Aldebra giant tortoise and kids will love the ollowing petting area with goats. In this are we also find the penguin aviary. Befor walking to the exit its time to look at the red river hog and the capuchin monkeys

DE: Dieser mittelgrosse Tierpark zeigt insbesonders Vögel und Raubtiere, in Europa einzigartig ist die vergesellschaftung von Präriehunden und Baumstachler. Der Tierpark hat einen Energie-lehrpfad

DK: Denne mellemstore have viser især fugle og rovdyr. Enestående i Europa er at præriehunde og træpindsvin deler anlæg. Ligeledes enestående er energilærestien, der fortæller om forskellige måder at producere strøm
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