Heidelberg Zoo


City: Albstadt-Ebingen

Country: Germany

State: Baden-Würtemberg


Opend 1934


Species 160

This zoo has a good collection of apes, the only groupe of male elephants in Germany and the beautyfull roloway monkey

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Last visit 2012

Zoo Heidelberg
Tiergartenstraße 3
D - 69120 Heidelberg,


Phone nr 06221-64550

Open minimum 9am-5pm

  • Adult 12,80 Euro
  • Child 6,40 Euro

Annual card
  • Adult 51,- Euro
  • Child 19,10 Euro

Kids will love the petting zoo


It all began im June 1933 when the association of zoo-friends was founded for real, but the first steps where made in 1932. Back then the ornithologiest Proffesor Dr Otto Fehringer asked the Nobel-award-winner Professor Dr. Carl Bosch to start a zoo. In July 1934 Dr Bosch signed the contracts with the city to build a zoo. In August 1933 the work began and the zoo could open 20th November 1934. At the beginning the zoo especially had small mammals and birds, though the largest where deer, 2 brown bears, one bactrian camel and  monkeys. The first year 90000 visitors came, still it was not enough to feed the animals, so Dr Bosch and the City donatet money. Then the war came and everything had to be rationised. The 22nd march the Zoo was the target and most animals died or had to beshot, becourse of that the zoo was a large ruin. So un til 1955 the zoo could hardly manage to survive. In 1955 serveral buildings could be build like a elephanth house and a small monkey house, even the elephant cow Rani arrived. The stock slightly grew larger un til the 70'
s where the city discussed, if the zoo had to be closed. But in 1972 it was clear, the citiezen wanted a zoo, so an investment was made. In 1973 the seal enclosure was build. 1977 the African Savannah opened, in 1979 the carnivore house and in 1981 the bear enclosure. 1985 severeal bird aviaries where build, in 1988 the Apes house and in 1991 the waders aviary. The old  Lake constance enclosure for ducks from 1935 was rebuild 2002 to a Yellowstone lake. Since 2004 the Owls have a new home and a renovation of the old enclosures startet, so that the Elephants, Apes, Tiger and Seals could have better surroundings. New arrivals where sloths, Stella's Eagle and Roloway monkeys. In 2009 the zoo got Aldebra giant tortoises and the Elephants got a new home in 2010. 2011-12 the ape house was renovatet. 2014 the raccoons get a new enclosure and so do the bears in 2015. 2018 lemurs, porcupines and meerkats get a new home, so do the lions in 2019.
Map 2013 Map 2014 Map 2018
Before we enter the zoo we look at the Syian brown bear, they are sharing their enclosure with corsac fox's. After paying the entrance fee we turn right and see an aviary for birds from the German shores. Turning right we first meet the Asian golden cat and the the yellow stone lake with the wood duck. This area is also home to stella's eagle. Then its time to have a look at the African Savannah with zebras and antelopes.  Following the path we soon meet the Asian elephant, a pure male group. Then turning left we meet pelicans and acros ruffed lemurs and macaws. At the lesser panda we turn right to se som fun monkeys and Bactrian camels. The following Aldrebra tortoise is the animal species that live longest. Turning rightwe se owls and porcupines. Then we follow the great to the right , this is the home for the flamingos. Across we find bees and some rodents like the hamster. After a while we se the lions and tigers. On the right hand is a sea lion pool and aviaries for Ibis's. Before we reach the Ape house its time to see kangaroos. In the Apehouse we find the Chimpanzee, Orang utan and the western lowland gorilla. Following the path to the right we meet goats, donkeys and other farm animals. The last house we look at is for monkeys, here we find the Roloway monkey and other species

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo hat die einzige Junggesellengruppe von Elefanten in Deutschland, zeigt die seltene Roloway Meerkatzen und die Asiatisch Goldkatze

DK: Denne lille have viser Tysklands eneste ungkarlegruppe af elefanter, de sjældne Roloway marekatte og den smukke asiatiske guldkat
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