Tierpark & Freizeitpark Thüle


City: Friesoythe-Thüle

Country: Germany

State: Lower Saxony


Opend 1965


Species 150

This small zoo is a combined fun fair and zoo, showing especially birds. Els its monkey colloction is quite interesting, you will find among others the celebes creasted macaque and the silvery marmoset

Vis stort kort

Last visitet 2010




Tier- und Freizeitpark Thüle

Über dem Worberg 1
D 26169 Friesoythe



Phone: 04495 255




Open minimum April-October 9am-6pm



Entrance (includes most rides)

  • Adult 19,- Euro
  • Child 17,- Euro
Season card (Valid april-October)(includes most rides)
  • Adult 59,- Euro
  • Child 59,- Euro

Kids will love the petting area and the fun fair (open only in good weather) (most rides are included in the entrance fee)
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After paying the entrance fee and follow the sounds of greater flamingos and other birds. Almost a similar sounds are the tamarins like the cotton-top tamarin doing. Next is an enclosur for Chilean flamingos. Here we turn right to meet owls as well as the funny coaty. Passing the lions enclosure we reach the monkey house with ruffed lemurs, toque macaques and squirrel monkeys. Now following the pelican enclosure we reach donkeys and macaws. After a while we reach the porcupine and ringtailed lemurs before we look at he enclosures on the right hand with addax antelopes and miniature pigs. Now we are reaching two pampas enclosures, the first with South American tapirs and capybaras, the other with rheas and llamas. Almost entering the next enclosure we meet the Nyala. Then its time to look at the red-necked wallaby and the bell deer at the left hand and the ostrich at the right. Passing the Humboldt's penguins we turn right  to meet the red river hog and alpacas. Walking through the barbary macaque enclosure and then heading left, we see Asian black bears and Sumatran tiger. Following the Bactrian camel enclosure and then turning left we meet the oriental small-clawed otter and meerkat. Across is the island for gibbons. Following this enclosure arround our next step will be some aviaries for vultures and then an enclosure for prairie dogs. In this corner we meet the cara cara and the serval, sa well as two giant aviarie. The first is home for waders and the next for egrets and ibis's. Now heading for the exit we are having on the right an enclosure for white storks and on the left some for zebras and the blesbok.

DE: Wie der name sagt, ist dier Park ein Freizeitpark und ein Zoo. Er zeigt insbesonders Vögel aber auch Affen zeigt er in mehreren Arten, eher selten zu sehen sind auch die Mendesantilope und das Nyala

DK: Denne lille have er en blanding af zoo og sommerland. Af dyr viser den især fugle. samt en del abe arter. Dog skal der også lige nævnes addax og nyala antiloperne
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