River Safari


City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Opend 2012


Species 300

River Safari shows you the world of 5 different rivers, the Yangtze and the Mekong of Asia, the Nile of Africa and the Mississippi. On the Amazon you even will go by boat to se Jaguars and South American tapirs. The most beloved animals though are the giant pandas

Last visited 2017

River Safari
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826


Phone number 6269 3411

Opened minimum 10am - 7 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 36$
  • Child 3-12 years 24$

Entrance fee for 2 zoos (ticket valid for 7 days)

  • Adult 75$
  • Child 3-12 years 53$
Entrance fee for all 4  zoos and all rides (ticket valid for 7 days)
  • Adult 95$
  • Child 73$

Entrance fee for all 4  zoos (ticket valid for 7 days)
  • Adult 85$
  • Child 3-12 years 63$
Friends of River Safari (valid for 12 months free visits)
  • Adult 55 $
  • Child 3-12 years 45 $
  • *Family 125 $

*Valid for 2 adults and 1 child. The next 4 children cost 10$ each. Above 5 children must pay an ordinary child membership card

Friends of Wildlife (valid for 12 months free visits in all 4 zoos)

  • Adult 135$
  • Child 3-12 years 95$
  • *Family 285$
*Valid for 2 adults and 1 child. The next 4 children cost 10$ each. Above 5 children must pay an ordinary child membership card

Amazon river quest 5$ extra per person per ride (included in the 4 zoos + ticket)

The zoo has a touch pool


Conceptualization of such as River Safari began in early 2007, and its construction was officially announced to the public on 11 February 2009 with an estimated completion date of late 2011. The project began with an estimated budget of S$140 million as well as an annual visitor rate of 750,000, however since the original announcement in 2009 the budget has since increased by S$20 million in 2010, due to rising construction costs, to S$160 million and the annual visitor rate has also increased to 820,000. The Giant Panda Forest was opened to the public on 29 November 2012, with a soft opening on 3 April 2013, attracting close to 1,500 visitors. The park was officially opened on 28 February 2014.

Map 2015 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee turn left and meet the cute golden-headed lion tamarin. The first river we are going to meet is the Mississippi with alligator snapping turtles, alligator gars and Mississipi paddlefish. Then follows the Congo river with African dwarf crocodiles and tiger fish. Another African river is the mighty Nile with giant puffer fish. Going on to Asia we meet the holy Ganges river with its Indian gharial. A small jump to Australia brings us to Mary river with Australian lungfish. Here we also have a touch pool. Back to Asia we meet the Mekong river with crab-eating macaques, lesser adjudant stork and giant freshwater stingrays. On to China with its Yangtze river, home to China alligators and Chinese giant salamander. In the area we also find the lesser and the giant pandas. Crossing the viewing deck we turn left and take a trip with the included River Safari Cruise. Here you see some of the remaining rainforest in Singapore. For those of us who have bought the ticket  to the Amazon River Quest we now take our tour to see collared peccaries, red howler monkeys, giant ant eaters and the jaguar among others. On the main path again we meet the emperor tamarins and can go inside to the squirrel monkeys afterwards. The last house is home to the waest indian manatee, giant river otters, the electric eal and the feared piranhas.

DE: Die River Safari zeigt die vielfallt der Lebewesen der Flüsse dieser Erde. Es werden Gangesgaviale, Riesenotter und Seekühe gezeigt. Die Stars sind aber die Riesenpandas

DK: River Safari viser livets mangfoldighed i allverdens floder. Haven har gangesgavialer, kæmpeoddere og søkøer, men stjernerne er de store pandaer.
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