Underwater World Langkawi


City: Langkawi
Country: Malaysia
State: Kedah
Opend 1995


Species 500

On your way through the aquarium you meet sea horses, little namo and of course sharks. Funne to look at as well are the Rockhopper penguins and southern fur seals

Last visited 2018

Underwater World Langkawi
Jalan Pantai Chenang
Pantai Cenang
07000 Langkawi


Phone number 604-955 6100

Opened minimum 10 am - 6 pm

Entrance fee with MyKad

  • Adult 40.-  MYR
  • Child 3-12 30,-  MYR

Entrance fee

  • Adult 50,- MYR
  • Child 3-12 years 40,- MYR

The aquarium has a playground
Map 2015
After paying the entrace fee we start with seeing the Arapaima, the largest fresh water fish in the world. Next we learn about the river eco system with inhabitants like the gar fish. Here we also find some terrariums with small reptiles like the leopard gecko. Then entering a lush tropical Rainforest environment. The elegant Flamingoes, the playful Ruddy Shelduck and proud Pheasant will greet visitors as they enter the section. Look out for birds such as Cockatoo, Doves and Macaws that flutters freely in this section. Also on display, there are the Knifefish, Giant Gouramy, Arowana, and cute furry Marmoset. Frome here we end up at the southern tip of South America and meet South American fur seals, African penguinds as well as rockhopper penguins. Lets then have a look at sharks before we go on the bottom of the ocean to meet sea turtles, stingrays and groupers. Passing by the koi carps we reached a section with many small aquariums. Here we meet lobsters, mudskippers, clown fish and lionfish.

DE: Dieses grosse Aquarium zeigt eine vielfallt von Fischen aber auch Südamerikanische Seebären und Pinguine

DK: Dette store akvarium viser en mangfoldighed af fisk. Ligledes er der sydamerikanske pelssæler og pingviner
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