Odsherred Zoo Rescue



City: Asnæs
Country: Denmark
Region: Sealand
Opend 1985


Species 100



This zoo shows the most monkey species of any zoo in Denmark, including the rarely shown silvery marmoset. On its grounds you also will find a small terrarium

Phone nr.: 59651231


 Last visted: 2015



Open minimum April-September and week 42  10am - 3.30pm 




  • Adult 165,- DKK
  • Child 95,- DKK

Season Card

  • Voksen 345,- DKK
  • Barn 245,- DKK


Kids for shure would love to pet the goats. As for the feeding times at the till station

Map 2013
After paying the entrance fee we turn left and left again to we meet the squirrel monkeys. Behind them are some farm animals like goats, high land cattle and horses. They are followed by some lakes for water fowl. Here we as well meet the ruffed lemurs. Frome a long distance we have heared the parots and macaws in these aviaries. Before entering the tropical house Parane we just take a look at the budgerigars. Inside we meet different species of marmosets, like the silvery marmoset. Here we also find a small terrarium with snakes, tortoises and spiders. Out side again we turn left and the right at the small cafe. In this area we meet the porcupines, otters and meerkats. Passing the raccoons and coatis we look and pet goats. Next door we find the pampas and then the savannah.  Following the road we meet fallow deer, bactrian camels and donkeys. This area is as well home for the emu. Oposite we find the serval and the genet, followed by the lynx. The last house is the monkey house with lar gibbons and other monkeys.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt viele Affenarten und hat ein kleines Terrarium

DK: Denne lille have viser en del abearter og har et lille terrarie
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